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Music Composed and Conducted by Raymond Alessandrini

Music Box Records - Limited Edition of 300 units • Sold Out

Great Television Soundtracks Collection (Volume 1)

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World Premiere CD Release. Remastered edition. 
8-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Gilles Loison.

Music Box Records proudly launches a new collection dedicated to original television series: Great Television Soundtracks. In collaboration with Sony/ATV Music Publishing France, the label is pleased to unveil the titles of the first volume with the premiere CD release of the scores from the French TV series Les Colonnes du ciel (Heaven's Pillars, 1985) and Félicien Grevêche (1986) composed and conducted by Raymond Alessandrini.

Adapted by Bernard Clavel from his novel, the French historical five-episode series Les Colonnes du ciel, directed by Danish director Gabriel Axel, is about the conquest of the Franche-Comté province by the armies of King Louis XIII of France during his war against Spain (Ten Years’ War).

The French drama eight-episode series Félicien Grevêche, directed by Michel Wyn, tells the story of a countryside physician who works in difficult conditions in Languedoc (Southern France) in the 19th century. The creator and actor, Sylvain Joubert wrote a very well-documented original script about this transitional period when medicine was progressing thanks to the discoveries of Louis Pasteur.

Raymond Alessandrini uses a large orchestra to convey the adventurous spirit of the two series. Both scores showcase a wide range of dramatic passages, epic orchestral pieces, intimate musical cues tinged with folk elements and ethnical flavored pieces. The composer states that these two scores are among his best works thanks to the complete freedom that both Gabriel Axel and Michel Wyn let him enjoy.

Remastered from the original recording sessions, the program has been supervised by Raymond Alessandrini. The CD comes with an 8-page booklet with liner notes by Gilles Loison, discussing the films and the scores including new comments by the composer on his collaboration with the two directors. The release is limited to 300 units.

1. Les Colonnes du ciel (2:31)
2. Mort de Boissy (4:03)
3. L'attaque des loups (1:14)
4. La saison des loups (3:06)
5. Le lac de l'espérance (1:11)
6. L'eau de source (1:23)
7. La femme de guerre (1:46)
8. Petite Jana, l'enfant aveugle (2:24)
9. Embuscade et arrivée aux grottes de Jonas (1:50)
10. Le temps qui passe (0:58)
11. La chanson de Marie (0:47)
12. Arrivée chez le vieux (1:41)
13. Marie et Bisontin (2:24)
14. Marie tombe (0:49)
15. Marie bon pain (1:44)
16. Compagnons du nouveau monde (1:34)
17. Le village indien (0:47)
18. Mariage de Bisontin et Séverine (1:34)
19. Sous le tipi (0:53)
20. Générique (1:01)
Time • 34:32

21. Félicien Grevêche (2:05)
22. L'enfant court (1:28)
23. Félicien et Augustine (1:25)
24. En calèche (0:52)
25. Félicien visite ses malades (1:36)
26. Les dangers de la montagne (1:13)
27. Madame de Sarans et son frère (2:15)
28. Souvenirs de la Commune de Paris (2:48)
29. Le grand amour de Félicien (2:47)
30. Mariette en danger (3:46)
31. Le printemps (1:40)
32. Attaque de la ferme (3:36)
33. Mort de Paillot (3:30)
34. La fin d'un amour (1:53)
35. Le chagrin de Félicien (1:49)
36. Félicien, médecin chevalier (0:57)
Time • 34:19

Total Time • 68:53

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