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Music Composed by James Newton Howard

Intrada - Limited Edition 


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Premier 2-CD expanded release of spectacular symphonic score by James Newton Howard! Lavish, sincere yet still magical filming of timeless books & stageplay by James M. Barrie gets 2003 release. Columbia Pictures & Universal Pictures with Revolution Studios presents, Jason Isaacs, Jeremy Sumpter, Richard Briers, Olivia Williams, Lynn Redgrave head cast, Ludivine Sagnier plays Tink, P.J. Hogan directs & scripts with Michael Goldenberg, Industrial Light & Magic creates the visual wonders. James Newton Howard scores for large orchestra plus chorus, fashions music that melds soaring flight music, mystical Tinkerbell moments with powerhouse action sequences - many of them omitted from previous highlights album issued at time of film’s release. Beloved characters include Peter Pan, Wendy, the fairy Tinkerbell and, of course, the villainous Captain Hook, who lost his hand to a crocodile. Howard offers truly wall-to-wall scoring that presents richly thematic material that evolves, changes throughout with stunning array of ideas both large and small. Contrast of material is stunning! Opening celeste, xylophone, strings are joined by female chorus to establish perfect tone to launch with quotes of darker Hook material soon making appearance, followed by twittering flute for Tink, triplet figure suggesting gentle love story to unfold ahead and heard more fully during “Is That A Kiss?”. Back-to-back “Learning To Fly” and “Flying” are early, rousing set-pieces, with “Flying” rising to especially grand peroration for full orchestra with chorus. “Fetch Long Tom” ushers in excitement, “Castle Swordfight” furthers action with lively rhythms, rousing statement of main theme in fanfare-treatment, climaxing in deadly serious, aggressive moment for crocodile encounter, a previously unreleased highlight. Lilting waltz-like idea alternating between major and minor builds in deliberate fashion, becomes emotionally rich “Fairy Dance”. Highlights abound in Howard’s massive, lengthy opus: “Please Don’t Die” offers powerful chords in orchestra and chorus, building to dramatic finish, dynamic low brass rhythmic procession as “Wendy Walks The Plank”. Latter portion of score is packed with energy: “Into The Rigging” opens with powerful 4/4 action motif then later erupts in chopping motif for brass, “He’s Mine” launches with riveting horn motif then becomes an action highlight for entire orchestra replete with brass fanfares, glissandi trombones, everything but the kitchen sink. When all is said and done, Howard bids farewell to Think in moving quote, then brings Peter’s soaring theme to the fore for climax of “Peter Returns” and finally melts with quiet, beautiful major-key finish. Unusually long “End Title/End Credits” sequence in film incredibly is all Howard, with over ten minutes of material both drawn from score and recorded specifically for closing suite, a magnificent wrap-up. Entire 112-minute score presented direct from digital two-track stereo session mixes made by Shawn Murphy in October & November 2003, colorful flipper-style package from Kay Marshall, detailed notes from Frank DeWald include new comments for this release by the composer. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD release available while quantities and interest remain!

CD 1 

01. Main Title (2:09) 

02. Michael Takes A Bath (0:32) 

03. Is That A Kiss? (1:40) 

04. Peter’s Shadow (1:23) 

05. A Note From The Teacher (2:49) 

06. Tinkerbell (4:45) 

07. Wendy Meets Peter (5:14) 

08. Learning To Fly (3:10) 

09. Flying (3:30) 

10. The Parrot (0:46) 

11. Captain Hook (1:39) 

12. Spying On The Jolly Roger (1:30) 

13. “Fetch Long Tom” (1:29) 

14. Lost Boys Shoot Wendy (1:30) 

15. Wendy Lives (2:04) 

16. Build A House Around Her (1:24) 

17. Come Meet Father (2:31) 

18. Capturing Michael & John (1:58) 

19. Mermaids (1:40) 

20. Children On The Rock (1:44) 

21. Set Them Free (3:06) 

22. Castle Swordfight (3:50) 

23. Fairy Dance (5:31) 

24. Peter Visits Darlings (1:38) 

25. Wendy Meets Hook (4:15) 

26. “If You Wish It” (2:47) 

27. Boys Want To Go Home (1:12) 

28. Parrot Frees Tink (1:05) 

29. Hook Captures Boys (1:57) 

30. Poison (1:41) 

31. Please Don’t Die (1:52) 

32. I Do Believe In Fairies (2:45) 

CD 1 Total Time: 76:03

CD 2 

01. Wendy Walks The Plank (4:12) 

02. “Into The Rigging” (2:09) 

03. “He’s Mine” (4:40) 

04. Peter Falls To The Deck (1:48) 

05. The Hidden Kiss (1:20) 

06. Old, Alone, Done For (1:20) 

07. Hook Is Dead/Flying Jolly Roger (4:51) 

08. Adopting Lost Boys/Peter Returns (4:05) 

09. End Title/End Credits (Extended Suite) (10:57) 

CD 2 Total Time: 36:19 

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