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Music Composed by Renato Rascel 

Beat Records

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Beat Records is pleased to present on CD on the first absolute time the original soundtracks for COMMISSARIATO DI NOTTURNA, a comedy directed in 1973 by Guido Leoni and starring Gastone Moschin, Rosanna Schiaffino, Maurice Ronet, Luciano Salce, Carlo Giuffré, Giorgio Ardisson, Antonio Casagrande, Emma Danieli, Giacomo Furia, Gisela Hahn and LA SUPPLENTE , an erotic comedy directed by Guido Leoni and starring Carmen Villani, Eligio Zamara, Carlo Giuffré, Dayle Haddon, Alvaro Brunetti, Gisela Hahn, Gastone Pescucci, Giusi Raspani Dandolo, Giacomo Furia. For "Commissariato di notturna" Renato Rascel wrote a score based on a recurring main theme, with a pop flavor, sung by the choir of Nora Orlandi, which returns during the soundtrack in a tango version, with moog, then reprised by the choir. To note the romantic love theme called "Addio sera", in an instrumental version for guitar, piano and orchestra, played both by a female voice and, in the end credits, by Rascel himself. For "La supplente", on the other hand, Renato Rascel has composed a pleasant score with Latin rhythms, which alternates happy moments with other tender and romantic ones, but there is no shortage of suspense pieces and baroque music for choir and rhythms that keep us nailed to listening to a full 74 minutes and 24 seconds. An archival CD dedicated to high quality Film Music.

Mastering by Claudio Fuiano, liner notes by Elisabetta Castiglioni, graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini

1 9 di sera in città (Titoli vocal) 5:20

2 9 di sera in città (Vocal reprise) 2:11

3 Commissariato di notturna (Seq. 1) 2:33

4 9 di sera in città (Strum.) 3:56

5 9 di sera in città (Vocal reprise 2) 1:30

6 Commissariato di notturna (Seq.2) 1:03

7 9 di sera in città (Strum.2) 3:03

8 9 di sera in città (Strum.3) 3:14

9 9 di sera in città (Strum.4) 1:15

10 9 di sera in città (Strum.5) 1:46

11 Addio sera (Strum.) 1:41

12 Addio sera (Vocal) 2:14

13 9 di sera in città (Strum.7) 1:16

14 Addio sera (Titoli di coda vocal) 3:13

15 La supplente (M 1) 3:01

16 La supplente (Seq. 2) 4:38

17 La supplente (Seq. 3) 4:07

18 La supplente (Seq. 4) 1:43

19 La supplente (Seq. 5) 2:17

20 La supplente (Seq. 6) 1:15

21 La supplente (Seq. 7) 1:56

22 La supplente (Seq. 8) 2:01

23 La supplente (Seq. 9) 2:37

24 La supplente (Seq. 10) 1:45

25 La supplente (Seq. 11) 1:13

26 La supplente (Seq. 12) 3:31

27 La supplente (Seq. 13) 1:52

28 La supplente (Seq. 14) 1:17

29 La supplente (Seq. 15- Finale) 5:47

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