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Musique de Howard Shore

Quartet Records - Édition limitée 

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Quartet Records, MGM, Geffen Records and Universal Music Group present the 30th anniversary re-issue of the iconic score by Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings, Ed Wood, Naked Lunch, Eastern Promises, The Aviator) for the classic thriller masterpiece The Silence of the Lambs.

Directed by Jonathan Demme, starring Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins and Scott Glenn, the film was a great success, immediately loved by critics and audiences. It won five Oscars, including Best Picture, Director, Screenplay and acting awards for Foster and Hopkins.

Howard Shore was no stranger to either the horror or thriller genre when he worked on The Silence of the Lambs—he had started his career working with director David Cronenberg on a series of disturbing films such as The Brood, Scanners, Videodrome and The Fly. The music doesn’t sound like something from a horror movie or a thriller—it is operatic, dark, and very beautiful.

This CD is a straight reissue of our previous expanded edition—including the complete score plus alternates—produced by Neil S. Bulk, supervised by Mr. Shore himself, and mastered by Doug Schwartz from the original two-track stereo session tapes, courtesy of MGM. Featuring a performance by the Munich Symphony Orchestra under the baton of the composer. The package features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Jeff Bond.

1. Main Title (5:05)
2. Bulletin Board* (1:13)
3. Visit to Lecter / You Look Like a Rube (4:01)
4. Miggs (1:16)
5. First Flashback* / FBI Montage* (2:10)
6. Clarice (Film Version)* (3:05)
7. I’ll Help You (1:12)
8. The Abduction (3:03)
9. West Virginia Car Ride* (0:52)
10. Rock of Ages Flashback (1:09)
11. The Bug Cocoon* / Washington* (2:13)
12. Death Head Moth* (1:19)
13. Quid Pro Quo, Yes or No (3:33)
14. Lecter in Memphis (5:42)
15. Lambs Screaming (5:36)
16. Lecter Escapes† (6:13)
17. Laundromat* (1:18)
18. Belvedere, Ohio (3:33)
19. To Calumet City* (2:39)
20. The Moth (2:20)
21. The Cellar (7:02)
22. Finale (4:51)
Additional Music:
23. Clarice (3:03)
24. Death Head Moth (Alternate)* (0:57)
25. Drops of Blood (“Lecter Escapes” Alternate Excerpt)* (2:53)
* previously unreleased / † contains previously unreleased material