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Musique de Carter Burwell

Intrada - Édition limitée 


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World premiere release of complete Carter Burwell soundtrack for Psycho III on 2 CDs! Universal releases third film in legendary horror franchise in 1986. Origins of frightening tales of Norman Bates and his notorious Bates Motel - 12 cabins, 12 vacancies… and 12 showers - began with Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous thriller in 1960, scored by Bernard Herrmann. Anthony Perkins herein introduced cinema to one of its most iconic killers with his portrayal of Norman. Installment 2 followed in 1982 with music by Jerry Goldsmith and Perkins continuing his chilling character. Now, in 1986, he returns for third tale, not only giving us yet another look at Norman but also sitting behind the screen as director! Psycho III also introduces veteran composer Carter Burwell to his first big studio feature. Joining cast is Jeff Fahey, Diana Scarwid, Roberta Maxwell. Burwell launches initially with nightmarish choral material (with percussion) to match early religious angle of suicidal nun Maureen Coyle who catches Norman’s eye, becomes a guest at Bates Motel. Burwell soon brings us his title music, immediately creates his own voice to franchise’s musical signature with sparse primary theme built from repeating minor-key chord progression colored by electronic pizzicato string effects, subtle choral fragments. Instantly unique, instantly memorable! Especially haunting version appears with Norman on screen at piano, his voice humming melody along with right hand piano line. Haunting (and spooky) new facet of score enters with flashback scene of Emma from second chapter, becomes important theme throughout score. “House, Mom Intro” melds choral chant with Burwell’s modest ensemble into chilling music, a prelude to horrors ahead. Primary theme reappears in source music-style treatment for Duke in bar sequence, “Warm As A Cry For Help”. Numerous highlights follow: scary “Norman To Maureen In Bath” with murderous choral phrases joining instrumental ensemble with increasing density, gentle unwinding of primary theme on small organ for “Norman In Maureen’s Hospital Room”, disguised variant of same theme for “Maureen And Shrink”, terrifying “Swamp” sequence, many others. Climactic (and lengthy) “Maureen Comes To Norman, Tracy, Norman And Mom” is worthy of special spotlight! Intrada 2-CD set features film cues including sequences not heard in final film, source music, film version of “Scream Of Love” plus 6(!!) additional alternate versions. Also appearing is CD premiere of original 31-minute 1986 MCA vinyl album. Over two hours of music all-total, all mastered from original scoring session mixes and album masters, courtesy Universal and UMG. Carter Burwell composes, performs and produces with Steve Forman on percussion. Intrada 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain! Thrilling and chilling!

CD 1 Film Soundtrack
01. Nunnery (1:36)
02. Main Title (1:58)
03. Catherine Mary (3:44)
04. Dirty Street (2:30)
05. Emma Flashback (2:13)
06. Duke Meets Norm (0:36)
07. Maureen Exits Truck (0:20)
08. Piano Theme (Film Version) (0:57)
09. House, Mom Intro (2:29)
10. Duke In Bar (Warm As A Cry For Help) (2:26)
11. Norman Watches T.V. (White Water/Red Water) (1:25)
12. Norman To Maureen In Bath (3:14)
13. Norman In Maureen's Hospital Room (3:41)
14. Scream Of Love (Film Version) (3:54)
15. Ruthie's Murder (0:54)
16. Maureen And Shrink (1:51)
17. Norman And Tracy On Steps (0:44)
18. Tracy In Emma's Apt. (2:08)
19. Norman And Mom Argue Over Maureen (1:47)
20. Bathroom Murder (1:44)
21. Mom's Missing (2:48)
22. Rest Home (Electroshock Waiting Room) (2:13)
23. Swamp (3:54)
24. Maureen Comes To Norman, Tracy, Norman And Mom (8:11)
25. Norman Arrested (1:06)
26. End Credits (2:44)
CD 1 Total Time: 62:04

CD 2 The Extras
01. Piano Theme (Alternate) (1:07)
02. Scream Of Love – Version C (4:32)
03. Scream Of Love – Psycho Mix (3:10)
04. Scream Of Love – Psycho Dance Mix (5:33)
05. Scream Of Love – Psycho Dub Mix (6:34)
06. Scream Of Love (Alternate No. 1) (3:49)
07. Scream Of Love (Alternate No. 2) (3:56)
Extras Time: 28:52

1986 MCA Soundtrack Album
08. Scream Of Love (Theme Song From The Motion Picture “PSYCHO III”)(3:48)
09. Maureen In The Desert (1:54)
10. Dirty Street* (3:38)
11. Before And After Shower (3:37)
12. Warm As A Cry For Help* (2:20)
13. Sisters/Catherine Mary* (4:15)
14. Mother? (2:46)
15. Bad Boys And Body Bags (3:54)
16. Revenge Of A Thankless Child (2:49)
17. Electroshock Waiting Room* (1:45)
Total Album Time: 31:02
CD 2 Total Time: 60:00

*Co–Produced by CARTER BURWELL,