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Musique de Ennio Morricone

Beat Records 

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L’agnese va a morire is one of the most successful collaborations between director Gi- uliano Montaldo and composer Ennio Morricone. e composer, availing himself of exceptional soloists such as De Gemini on harmonica, Carnini on organ, Valdambrini on ugelhorn, Enrico Pierannunzi on piano and the dramatic vocals of Clara Murtas to create the appropriate atmosphere to describe life turned upside-down by Nazism during WWII, during the 8 months preceding the liberation of Italy from German occupiers. Morricone alternates sacral moments with dissonance to describe this dark period of Italian history. We used a rst-generation stereo master prepared in 1977 for a 33rpm that was never released, now fully restored for an exceptional listening experience. e CD is released in the classic CDCR series with mastering by Daniel Winkler and Claudio Fuiano, liner notes by Patrick Bouster and graphic design by Daniele De Gemini, featuring the original poster art by Renato Casaro on the cover.

1. L'agnese Va A Morire 3:11
2. Disperazione Dentro 2:03
3. Un Breve Canto, Un Lungo Grido 1:22
4. Ostinazione E Impegno 4:58
5. Agnese E Palita 2:41
6. Canzone Della Nostalgia 3:10
7. Immagini Di Guerra 6:04
8. Alla Stazione 2:03
9. Ricordo Dei Compagni 2:04
10. Repressione 0:54

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