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Musique composée par James Horner

Intrada - Édition limitée


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Expanded 2-CD release of “legendary” James Horner soundtrack! Hit western period film from TriStar Pictures made Brad Pitt a superstar and countless theater-goers swoon! Edward Zwick directs, Susan Shilliday, Bill Wittliff script from critically-acclaimed novella by Jim Harrison, John Toll wins an Academy Award for his magnificent cinematography. Anthony Hopkins, Aiden Quinn, Henry Thomas, Susan Ormond all feature with young long-haired, free-spirited Pitt as Tristan. Deeply emotional story begins in 1914, prior to the “Great War”. Close-knit family of men and boys finds challenge upon arrival of Susannah (Ormond), engaged to Samuel (Thomas) who longs to go to war. High drama, family crisis, Native Americans, multiple love stories, death all feature in two-generational saga. James Horner receives Golden Globe nomination for his magnificent and massive outdoor score. Numerous themes, epic-scale expansive sequences, warfare, romance, love and loss, tragedy all play into richly-woven musical tapestry. Horner manages to broadly develop many ideas and yet keep everything cohesive courtesy both grand orchestral sweep and highly intimate moments, all drawn from use of similar-keys and intertwining of themes. Brilliant painting on a large scale! Highlights are many: Solo trumpet intoning main Legends theme in lean, haunting manner near the outset, warm Americana-style Ludlow theme used frequently but especially rich as the boys go “Off to War”, multi-emotional dimensions of “Samuel’s Death”, percussive outbursts and surging ideas during “Farewell, Descent Into Madness”. Deserving of special spotlight is powerhouse climactic sequence when shootout with police ushers in meaning of “family” with Horner’s masterful music taking center stage. Horner nails the moment! Still another spotlight goes to extremely well-written ending to the score which summarizes major themes and recedes movingly into the distance. Memorable for sure! Yet another asset: Customary manner of lengthy cues from the composer on display here! Intrada expanded release includes many previously unreleased cues: “Susannah”, “The Letter”, “The Calf and the Bear”, “Tristan’s Quiet Heart”, “A Moment Alone”, several others. 2-CD set also features 35 minutes of alternates! Loving CD production by Mike Matessino and Neil S. Bulk, highly-informative notes by Frank De Wald grace rich booklet designed by Kay Marshall. Thomas Pasatieri and Don Davis orchestrate, Shawn Murphy Records and mixes. James Horner composes, conducts the London Symphony Orchestra. Intrada Special Collection 2-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Legends Of The Fall (4:20)
02. Susannah’s Arrival, The Train Station* (2:27)
03. Susannah* (4:36)
04. The Ludlows (5:41)
05. Off To War (5:55)
06. To The Boys (2:49)
07. The Letter* (1:44)
08. Samuel’s Death (8:26)
09. Susannah Stays On* (1:05)
10. Coming Home, Tristan And Susannah* (5:02)
11. Alfred Moves To Helena (3:00)
12. Calf On The Barbie, Bear In The Sights* (2:23)
13. Farewell, Descent Into Madness (8:14)
14. The Changing Seasons, Wild Horses, Tristan’s Return (5:12)
15. Goodbyes (3:12)
16. Love And Bootlegging* (1:15)
17. The Wedding (3:08)
Disc 1 Total Time: 68:37

01. Recollections Of Samuel (2:04)
02. Isabel’s Murder (2:03)
03. Tristan Goes To Jail, Last Visit* (3:16)
04. Revenge (6:23)
05. A Moment Alone* (1:10)
06. Alfred, Tristan, The Colonel, The Legend (15:16)
Total Score Presentation: 98:00

07. Twilight And Mist* (2:36)
08. Legends Of The Fall (Extended Version)** (6:36)
09. Isabel’s Murder, Recollections Of Samuel (3:58)
10. Legends Of The Fall (Without Violin)** (4:19)
11. The Train Station (Alternate)* (0:51)
12. The Changing Seasons (Without Synthesizer)** (1:42)
13. Tristan’s Return (Film Version)* (2:44)
14. Alfred, Tristan, The Colonel, The Legend (Film Edit) (12:18)
Total Extras: 35:04
Disc 2 Total Time: 65:23

Time: 133:54

*previously unreleased
**contains previously unreleased music

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