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Musique de Bill Conti

Varèse Club - Édition limitée à 1500 exemplaires

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This first-ever soundtrack release for The Big Fix with music by composer Bill Conti!

Newly mixed and mastered in high resolution from the original multi-track scoring masters housed at Universal Studios. This presentation offers far more music than is heard in the film. Conti’s original cues not only offer a glimpse into the evolution of the Big Fix score, but into the versatility which is the hallmark of the composer’s craft. Conti brings out every weapon in his considerable musical arsenal for this soundtrack. Along with distinctive motifs, he energetically celebrates disco and out-and-out jazz, sometimes in one cue (“Moses to Lila’s”). “Hiding the Boys,” which opens as sheer suspense—discordant strings combined with sudden, jolting bursts of percussion—explodes into unalloyed action. Another masterful suspense piece is “Moses Driving Through Town”; here, buzzing guitar, eerie strings and creepy piano runs build to a potent detonation of brass. In short, The Big Fix is a dazzling display of this essential composer’s wide-ranging talents.

Directed by Jeremy Kagan, the movie from 1978 stars Richard Dreyfuss, Susan Anspach and Bonnie Bedelia, and centers on an ex-’60s radical now working as a private eye, who is hired by an old flame to investigate a political smear campaign. The case becomes more dangerous as it unfolds.

Main Title (1:50)
C’mon / Walking At College (1:13)
Lila (2:55)
Moses And The Boys / Hold It (1:46)
Moses To Lila’s (1:24)
News Men (0:42)
Moses Fighting Tears (5:45)
Moses Sees The Car (2:09)
The Cops And Moses (1:08)
Moses Walks Out (0:30)
Exchange Of Envelopes (1:50)
Hiding The Boys (1:17)
Moses Driving Through Town (4:30)
Son And Father (0:45)
End Credits (2:58)
Main Title (Alternate Take)(2:06)
C’mon (Alternate Take) (1:04)
Lila (Alternate Take) (1:16)
Moses To Lila’s (Alternate Take, No. 1) (1:26)
News Men (Alternate Take) (0:40)
Moses Fighting Tears (Alternate Take, No. 1) (0:45)
Moses Fighting Tears (Alternate Take, No. 2) (2:44)
Moses Sees The Car (Alternate Take) (3:10)
Moses Walks Out (Alternate Take) (0:32)
Hiding The Boys (Alternate Take) (1:32)
TV Music (Source) (1:33)
Moses To Lila’s (Alternate Take, No. 2) (2:15)
Main Theme (1:05)

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