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Musique de Guido De Angelis, Maurizio De Angelis

Beat Records - Édition limitée à 500 exemplaires

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Lo chiamavano Bulldozer is a movie directed by Michele Lupo in 1978 that tells the story of an ex-football player (Bud Spencer) turned sailor, who a er some misadven- tures ends up training a team of ragtag young players, far from real sportsmen.
 e match against Sergeant Kempfer’s team, from a nearby military base, is approach- ing soon, and Bulldozer will have to give his all to win it.
Lo chiamavano Bulldozer is one of the most beloved scores by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis fans, dominated by the iconic theme dedicated to great Bud Spencer.  is edi- tion marks the collaboration between the two composers’ label, Cabum and Beat Re- cords, continuing a series that aims to shed new light upon the two Maestros’ catalog. It’s a release that can’t be missed by lovers of  lm music and all fans of this soundtrack who have been waiting years for this release!
Part of the DDJ DLX series, this CD comes in a clear jewel case with mastering by Enrico De Gemini, the iconic poster art by Renato Casaro on the cover, graphic layout and liner notes by Daniele De Gemini and English edit by Josh Mitchell.
Limited edition of 500 copies!

Lo chiamavano Bulldozer        
1.    Bulldozer        3:30
2.    Lo chiamavano Bulldozer-Seq. 1        0:59
3.    Lo chiamavano Bulldozer-Seq. 2        0:56
4.    Bulldozer        4:02
5.    Bulldozer        2:36
6.    Bulldozer        2:16
7.    Bulldozer        1:55
8.    Lo chiamavano Bulldozer-Seq. 3        1:24
9.    Miss Robot        4:07
10.    Bulldozer        2:03
11.    Lo chiamavano Bulldozer-Seq. 4        0:57
12.    Pelota        1:25
13.    Lo chiamavano Bulldozer-Seq. 5        0:45
14.    Lo chiamavano Bulldozer-Seq. 6        1:00
15.    Bulldozer        1:05
16.    Bulldozer        4:34
17.    Bulldozer        2:48
18.    Bulldozer        2:42
Bonus tracks:        
19.    Lo chiamavano Bulldozer-Seq. 7        1:54
20.    Lo chiamavano Bulldozer-Seq. 8        2:49
21.    Lo chiamavano Bulldozer-Seq. 9        1:59
22.    Bulldozer        2:17
23.    Lo chiamavano Bulldozer-Seq. 10        2:11
24.    Bulldozer        3:11
25.    Lo chiamavano Bulldozer-Seq. 11        5:17
26.    Lo chiamavano Bulldozer-Seq. 12        1:52
27.    Bulldozer        3:38

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