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Musique de Carlo Rustichelli

Quartet Records

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Quartet Records and MGM present the long-awaited and highly requested reissue of the delightful soundtrack album of AVANTI! (1972). Directed by Billy Wilder and co-written with long-time collaborator I.A.L Diamond (based on a play by Samuel Taylor), this charming romantic comedy stars Jack Lemmon and Juliet Mills. Shot in Italy, the film didn’t quite receive the critical acclaim it deserved upon its original release. Luckily, the passing of time has done justice to a film that is now regarded as a true classic, respected and appreciated by all Wilder fans.

The music by Italian composer Carlo Rustichelli (L’ISOLA DI ARTURO, ROGOPAG, DIVORZIO ALL’ITALIANA) builds upon classic Italian songs, including “Palcoscenico,” “Senza fine” and “Un’ora sola ti vorrei.” The skillful adaptation of these tunes creates a truly authentic experience with each theme representing such different concepts as travel, romance and loss, as the foreigners learn to respect and love the Italian way of life. The idea was to not simply record new arrangements of these songs but rather to make sure they flowed smoothly as if we were talking about original music composed specifically for the film.

The CD features the same content as our 2010 edition, which was mastered by Claudio Fuiano from the original stereo session elements vaulted in mint conditions at MGM. The sound has been restored and upgraded by Chris Malone for this reissue. The package includes a full-color 16-page booklet with new liner notes by film music writer Gergely Hubai.

1. Intro (0:16)
2. Main Title (1:57)
3. To Ischia (2:16)
4. Grand Hotel Excelsior (2:37)
5. Miss Piggot (1:23)
6. The Morgue (4:39)
7. Cha-cha-cha (3:18)
8. A Tribute to Them (2:49)
9.  ́A tazza  ́e café (2:20)
10. Sunrise Over Mount Vesuvius (3:25)
11. Willie & Kate (3:21)
12. Bruno’s Theme (0:32)
13. The Sicilian Waitress (2:19)
14. A Walk Around Ischia (3:32)
15. The Stolen Photos (0:42)
16. Wendell & Pamela (2:00)
17. Suite 121-122 (5:11)
18. Permesso? (1:10)
19. Coffee and Croissants (0:55)
20. A Burial by the Sea (1:50)
21. Finale (1:19)

Bonus tracks
22. Main Title (Alternate) (1:59)
23. Outtake 1 (1:12)
24. Outtake 2 (0:33)
25. A Walk Around Ischia (Alternate) (3:30) 26. Intro (Alternate) (0:16)

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