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Musique de Nico Fidenco

Digitmovies - Édition limitée

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An EP single (Rca TBBO 1114) was originally released with the songs "Blue Jeans" and "A final step," performed by the group Cyan. For this CD we used the original tapes in full stereo that were preserved in the RCA archives. Nico Fidenco composed a pleasant soundtrack with a pastoral flair which is dominated by the main theme, a romantic ballad we hear in a faster and slower vocal version. It is then reprised with different instruments: cheerful and rhythmic flute, harmonica and orchestra,  harmonica and strings with a touch of country, harpsichord, and classic guitar.

01. BLUE JEANS (Titoli vocal – seq.1) 3:15
02. BLUE JEANS (seq.2) 3:39
03. BLUE JEANS (seq.3) 3:13
04. BLUE JEANS (seq.4) 3:37
05. BLUE JEANS (seq.5) 2:44
06. BLUE JEANS (seq.6) 4:11
07. BLUE JEANS (seq.7) 4:39
08. BLUE JEANS (seq.8) 2:23
09. A FINAL STEP 5:24
10. BLUE JEANS (seq.9) 2:17
11. BLUE JEANS (seq.10) 5:18
12. BLUE JEANS (seq.11) 1:43
13. BLUE JEANS (seq.12) 1:38
14. BLUE JEANS (seq.13) 3:11
15. BLUE JEANS (seq.14) 2:20
16. BLUE JEANS (seq.15) 2:37
17. BLUE JEANS (seq.16) 4:08
18. BLUE JEANS (Finale vocal - seq.17) 3:15