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Musique de Riz Ortolani

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We are proud to release for the first time on CD—complete and in stereo—the scores
by Riz Ortolani for the comedy movies UN CASO DI COSCIENZA directed in 1970
by Giovanni Grimaldi, starring Lando Buzzanca, Antonella Lualdi, Paolo Carlini, Turi
Ferro, Nando Gazzolo, Raymond Pellegrin, Saro Urzì, Michele Abruzzo, Alfredo Rizzo,
Françoise Prévost, Aldo Puglisi, Ileana Rigano, Carlo Sposìto, Linda Sini, Dagmar
Lassander, Helga Liné, Franco Lantieri, Renato Malavasi, Marcella Michelangeli, Viviane
Ventura and Elio Zamuto. and NON COMMETTERE ATTI IMPURI directed
in 1971 by Giulio Petroni and starring Dado Crostarosa, Barbara Bouchet, Luciano
Salce, Marisa Merlini, Claudio Gora, Bruno Dolfin, Franco Balducci, Gigi Ballista and
Simonetta Stefanelli. For “Un caso di coscienza” Maestro Ortolani composed a wild
shake theme that is introduced in the opening titles in a vocal version (with lyrics by
the actor Fiorenzo Fiorentini and orchestra conducted by Natale Massara) performed
by Il Supergruppo (Tr.1 and Tr. 16). This beat motif is revisited throughout the film
in different versions (Tr.3,5,12,14) and for the party scene in the Baron Favara palace
(Tr.7). Ortolani composed other motifs for a magical and mysterious theme with ancient
flavor for flutes and guitar (Tr.4, 8), another danceable shake (Tr.9), an evocative
piece with solo organ for the mass scene (Tr.10) and atmospheric lounge music for
romantic or dining sequences (Tr.2,6,11,13,15). We used everything that was recorded
in stereo during the recording session (33:17), stored in the private archives of the
Ortolani family. The cue sheets indicate that track 12 was considered for a single that
was never released, but in 1970 the song featured in the opening titles (Tr.1) was officially
released on Ricordi LP (SMRL 6069) with the title IL SUPERGRUPPO, formed
by members of other bands known in the ‘60s as Victor Sogliani of Equipe 84, Mino
Di Martino of Giganti, Gianni Dall’Aglio of I ribelli, Petruccio Montalbetti of Dik
Dik and Ricky Gianco, who supervised the producttion of the 33 rpm . There is also
a promotional white-label single (Ricordi SRL 10-588) featuring the song (same piece
on both sides). For “Non commettere atti impuri” Riz Ortolani composed a brilliant
soundtrack that opens with a lively, beat-flavored main theme introduced in “Titoli
di testa” (Tr.17) and reprised as a shake (Tr.18). For the tender love story between the
boy and girl, Riz Ortolani composed a delicate motif with several variations (Tr.19,
Tr.21, Tr.24, Tr.25), an agitated theme for psychedelic organ and percussion ( Tr.29),
religious music for organ (Tr.22, Tr.23) and organ with Gregorian chant (Tr.28) and
sensual music for the scenes with Barbara Bouchet (Tr.26, Tr.27). The main theme is
reprised in the finale with rock guitar and brass, the middle portion featuring drums
in a shake tempo with Gregorian chant (Tr.30). The material from NON COMMETTERE
ATTI IMPURI lasts 32:42 and comes from the stereo master recordings stored
in Beat Records’ archives.
Co-produced by Claudio Fuiano for CFSoundtracks and Daniele De Gemini for Beat
graphic design by Claudio Fuiano & Daniele De Gemini
mastering by Claudio Fuiano & Enrico De Gemini

1 Un caso di coscienza - seq. 1 3:23
2 Un caso di coscienza - seq. 2 1:27
3 Un caso di coscienza - seq. 3 0:45
4 Un caso di coscienza - seq. 4 1:35
5 Un caso di coscienza - seq. 5 1:04
6 Un caso di coscienza - seq. 6 2:24
7 Un caso di coscienza - seq.7 3:25
8 Un caso di coscienza - seq.8 1:09
9 Un caso di coscienza - seq.9 2:30
10 Un caso di coscienza - seq.10 2:19
11 Un caso di coscienza - seq.11 0:56
12 Un caso di coscienza - seq.12 3:01
13 Un caso di coscienza - seq.13 3:09
14 Un caso di coscienza - seq.14 2:05
15 Un caso di coscienza - seq.15 1:50
16 Un caso di coscienza – seq.16 1:35
17 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 1 2:59
18 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 2 1:48
19 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 3 1:46
20 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 4 2:17
21 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 5 1:35
22 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 6 2:22
23 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 7 1:55
24 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 8 1:19
25 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 9 1:19
26 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 10 2:30
27 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 11 2:30
28 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 12 5:04
29 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 13 2:10
30 Non commettere atti impuri - seq. 14 2:34