A SHOW OF FORCE (Varèse Encore)
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A SHOW OF FORCE (Varèse Encore)

Musique de Georges Delerue

Varèse Sarabande - Édition limitée à 1000 exemplaires

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TTC Livraison sous 1 à 5 jours ouvrés (France) et 2 à 10 jours (Europe + reste du Monde) selon le transporteur
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A powerful and beautiful Georges Delerue score from 1990 returns after almost 30 years! A Show of Force was a political thriller directed by Bruce Barreto and starring Amy Irving, Robert Duvall. Andy Garcia and Lou Diamond Phillips.

Originally release on the Varèse Sarabande sub-label called Colossal, this stunning Delerue score was available for only a short time. Here’s a second chance for everyone who missed it at the time or maybe wasn’t even collecting yet back in 1990. Just listen to the clips! We are so excited to welcome this one back!

Inspired by a true story, A SHOW OF FORCE follows a TV reporter's investigation into the brutal and suspicious deaths of two young Puerto Rican nationalists. The government claims the victims were terrorists, while some believe them to be student activists. It's up to this crusading reporter to find the truth despite threats to her own life.

Limited Edition of 1000 copies

1. Prologue (2:39)
2. Main Title (2:34)
3. The Hearings (1:06)
4. Flashback (2:42)
5. Kate To Cerro Marravilla (1:15)
6. Testimony (2:08)
7. Show Of Force (3:41)
8. Final Flashback (2:17)
9. Kate Argues With Dad (1:35)
10. Dance Macabre (1:57)
11. Courtroom Photographs (1:39)
12. Remembrance (2:40)
13. The Hearings Begin (1:26)
14. Kate Watches Fireworks (1:22)
15. Forensic Science (1:22)
16. End Title (3:39)

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