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Musique de Maurice Jarre

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World premiere release of beautiful Maurice Jarre soundtrack from John D. Hancock Christmas movie with Sam Elliot, Cloris Leachman, Johnny Galecki. Jarre finds inspiration in tale of small town girl who discovers wounded deer in woods, believes it to be Prancer of Santa Claus fame. Warm tale of faith, magic affords composer to display his melodic gifts with gently lyrical theme for deer, haunting line for bond between girl and animal. Solo colors from ewi (electronic wind instrument) plus celtic harp play amidst piano, synthesizer, strings. Ideas meld outdoor, farm locale with magical, mysterious elements of tale. Major keys get spotlight. Absolutely gorgeous music with hints of mystery, drama. Entire CD presented in stereo from digital scoring session elements courtesy MGM. Maurice Jarre conducts.

01. Silent Night & Main Title Music (5:56)
02. Moonshot (2:32)
03. Limpy Reindeer (1:35)
04. Reindeer Cookies (7:25)
05. No Circus Deer (3:46)
06. Christmas Star (5:00)
07. Theme From Nabucco (2:15)
08. Prancer Picnic (2:32)
09. Leaving Home (7:00)
10. Mysteries Of Love (3:19)
11. Prancer Is Free & End Credits (7:39)

Durée totale • 49:21