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Musique de Ruggero Cini

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This CD contains the world premiere complete recordings of two very nice scores by composer Ruggero Cini for the 1967/1968 action/spy movies “I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN” (aka “THE THREE FANTASTIC SUPERMEN” – “DIE DREI SUPERMANNER RAUMEN AUF” – “LES TROIS FANTASTIQUES SUPERMEN”) directed in 1967 by Gianfranco Parolini (aka Frank Kramer) and starring Tony Kendall, Brad Harris, Nick Jordan, Gloria Paul, Sal Borgese and “TRE SUPERMEN A TOKYO” (aka “DREI TOLLE KERLE” – “3 SUPERMEN À TOKYO”) directed in 1968 by Bitto Albertini starring George Martin, Dick Gordon, Willy Newcomb, Gloria Paul. In the first movie an agent of the F.B.I. joins two professional thieves to get hold of a sum of money that will allow him to discover a lousy gang, whose boss has not so very quiet plans for humanity. The three men all endowed with great physical strength and exceptional acrobatic qualities, succeed in the exploit also thanks to some bulletproof jerseys created by a scientist, father of the girlfriend of one of the three supermen who’ll complete their work, destroying the deadly invention and eliminating dangerous individuals forever. In the second movie a British agent investigating a short film about the lives of senior English personalities—some episodes of which could have triggered a scandal if released—allies with two very clever thieves and sets off in search of the film. The three arrive in Tokyo where they manage to overcome the most serious difficulties and dangers, cheating death only because they are in possession of a bulletproof vest. The three then use a machine created to miniaturize and manage to foil the scandal. These two motion pictures mix all the elements of comic book superheroes (typical of the Italian Cinema of those years with characters like Diabolik, Kriminal, Satanik and many others), Eurospy movies and the masked look of famous Mexican wrestlers. Composer Ruggero Cini (Scandicci, 30 November 1933 - Rome, 8 April 1981) has worked for Cinema and at the same time he was a highly talented arranger for singers Luigi Tenco (song “Vedrai vedrai”) and Patty Pravo (for whom he wrote the music to her 1968 super hit “La bambola”) , Claudio Baglioni and Renato Zero. RCA issued just two singles from the soundtracks of these motion pictures. The composer wrote two very brilliant scores featuring a recurrent cheerful and easy-going Burt Bacharach-style main theme for trumpet in a very lounge mode that perfectly describes the adventures of the three Supermen, also reprised for sax as a fantastic bossa nova, but suspense/action music, funny marches and circus music are not missing here. The rescue and preservation of these two very lovely scores was overdue as sincere tribute to genre cinema and its fantastic soundtracks.

The CD comes in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet designed by Claudio Fuiano and Daniele De Gemini, mastering and liner notes by Claudio Fuiano.


1. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.1 -Prologo) 2:26
2. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.2 - Titoli ) 2:31
3. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.3) 1:59
4. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.4) 1:14
5. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.5) 1:32
6. VAI VAI VAI (original film version) 3:48
7. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.6) 2:06
8. VAI VAI VAI (slow sax version) 1:38
9. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.7) 1:02
10. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.8) 1:24
11. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.9) 1:53
12. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.10) 2.18
13. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.11) 0:59
14. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.12) 1:49
15. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.13) 1:59
16. VAI VAI FAI (fast sax version) 1:27
17. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.14) 1:40
18. VAI VAI VAI (fast piano version) 2:35
19. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (seq.15 - Finale) 2:10
20. I FANTASTICI 3 SUPERMEN (original single version - side A) 2:09
21. VAI VAI VAI (original single version - side B) 3:07


22. SU PER GIU’ SUPERMAN (Titoli) 2:39
24. TRE SUPERMEN A TOKYO (seq.1) 3:19
25. SU PER GIU’ SUPERMAN (vocal version) 3:06
26. TRE SUPERMEN A TOKYO (seq.2) 1:37
27. SU PER GIU’ SUPERMAN (love theme) 1:46
28. TRE SUPERMEN A TOKYO (seq.3) 1:58
29. TRE SUPERMEN A TOKYO (seq.4) 1:37
30. TRE SUPERMEN A TOKYO (seq.5) 2:38
31. TRE SUPERMEN A TOKYO (seq.6) 1:37
32. SU PER GIU’ SUPERMAN (instr.version) 3:07
33. TRE SUPERMEN A TOKYO (seq.7) 1:22
34. TRE SUPERMEN A TOKYO (seq.8) 2:16
35. TRE SUPERMEN A TOKYO (seq.9) 1:50
36. TRE SUPERMEN A TOKYO (seq.10) 1:54
37. TRE SUPERMEN A TOKYO (seq.11) 0:59
38. TRE SUPERMEN A TOKYO (seq.12 - Finale) 1:12