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Musique de Bear McCreary

Backlot Music

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Original soundtrack to the 2017 motion picture composed by Bear McReary. Tree Gelbman must relive the same day over and over again on her birthday and figure out who attempts to kill her at her party every time and why. She is killed at the end of each day by a serial killer with a smiling mask obscuring his features. Immediately upon dying, she wakes up again in the morning with full memory of what she's experienced. She decides to catch hold of the apparent killer's identity by noting down the experience that she has every day.

1.    Day One        
2.    Day Two        
3.    Day Three        
4.    Day Four        
5.    Hospital Pursuit        
6.    The Bell Tower        
7.    Righting Wrongs        
8.    Tree Takes Control        
9.    The Cupcake   

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