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Musique de Stelvio Cipriani


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Stelvio Cipriani composed an uplifting score (the film takes place on a Sunday in sum- mer) with a recurring dance-flavored theme with the fantastic voice of Edda Dell’Orso. The score describes the freshness and light-heartedness of three very young friends during a relaxing day at the beach. Unfortunately destiny has something in store for them. They meet three seemingly mild mannered men who are actually criminals who’ve escaped from prison. For them Cipriani creates hard and rhythmic sounds performed by a moog synthesizer to create anticipation during pursuits to the death. For our CD we’ve used all the music recorded in stereo, wellpreserved to this day on the original master tapes.

01. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Titoli) 3:50
02. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Verso il mare) 2:05
03. MIDNIGHT BLUE (La domenica del diavolo) 3:47
04. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Anime innocenti) 1:21
05. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Rapimento e stupro) 1:42
06. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Felicità) 2:01
07. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Attesa) 1:12
08. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Piano concerto) 3:46
09. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Uomini cattivi) 1:20
10. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Tramonto sulla spiaggia) 6:09
11. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Inseguimento) 2:22
12. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Blues di mezzanotte) 1:59
13. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Inseguimento secondo) 1:34
14. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Atmosfera ossessiva) 1:11
15. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Sensualmente) 2:56
16. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Demoni della mente) 2:25
17. MIDNIGHT BLUE (Finale) 4:27