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Musique de Jerry Goldsmith

Varèse Club - Édition limitée à 3000 exemplaires

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This year marks a big anniversary for an epic and historic film and score.

It’s hard to believe but The Omen (1976), was released 40 years ago.

It’s also hard to believe that our previous “Deluxe Edition” of Jerry Goldsmith’s Academy Award-winning score came out 15 years ago to celebrate the film’s 25th anniversary. But here we are. While The Deluxe Edition was indeed significantly expanded from the original soundtrack album release, this score’s biggest fans still missed a few cues and for this new, 40th Anniversary edition we have added an additional six previously unreleased cues, including the unused “It’s All For You.” The entire score has also been newly remastered and we have added a special bonus track featuring Diego Navarro conducting “The Omen Suite” from the 2009 Fimucité tribute to Jerry Goldsmith. An epic release of Jerry Goldsmith’s Oscar-winning masterpiece!

U.S. ambassador (Gregory Peck) switches his wife's (Lee Remick) baby with an orphaned boy when their child is stillborn. As the boy grows, disaster surrounds him, beginning with the suicide of his nanny, and as the bodies pile up, his horrified father begins to suspect the boy is evil incarnate and must be destroyed. The Omen was directed by Richard Donner (Superman: The Movie, The Goonies).

Limited Edition of 3000 copies

1. Ave Satani (2:34)
2. On This Night (2:35)
3. The New Ambassador (2:35)
4. Where Is He? (:55)
5. Fatal Fall / It’s All For You† (:42)
6. The Dog† (:24)
7. I Was There (2:24)
8. Have No Fear† (:36)
9. Broken Vows (2:12)
10. Safari Park (3:21)
11. A Doctor, Please (1:43)
12. She’ll Die† (1:43)
13. The Killer Storm (2:55)
14. The Fall (3:45)
15. Don’t Let Him (2:48)
16. The Day He Died (2:14)
17. Father Spiletto† (1:09)
18. The Dogs Attack (5:53)
19. Mother’s Death† (:48)
20. A Sad Message (1:44)
21. Beheaded (1:48)
22. The Bed (1:08)
23. 666 (:46)
24. The Demise Of Mrs. Baylock (2:54)
25. The Altar (2:04)
26. The Piper Dreams (2:39)

Bonus Track:

27. The Omen Suite
Diego Navarro, Tenerife Film Orchestra (10:52)

†World Premiere Release