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Musique de Lalo Schifrin

Intrada - Édition limitée

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Intrada soundtrack celebration with Universal of 100 years of great cinema continues with world premiere release of top drawer Lalo Schifrin score for stylish police thriller. Eastwood takes break from his international success doing westerns with Sergio Leone, begins his legendary association with Donald Siegel in this exciting tale of Arizona deputy becoming fish out of water in big New York City, attempting to extradite prisoner back west. Lalo Schifrin scores with terrific meld of outdoor western theme trapped in tempo of urban big city bustle. Architecture of score is noteworthy: western thematic ideas launch, rhythms increase, then big city colors take over. As Coogan searches for prisoner, cool funky ideas play. Then suspense enters, ideas tighten. When action-filled climax arrives, Schifrin brings riveting chase music into spotlight, then finally wraps with return to main theme and dynamic flourish for final coda. Interestingly, for small handful of prints, film opens with Arizona locale, then as Coogan enters in speeding jeep, powerhouse low brass hammer out propulsive rhythmic motif built entirely of fortissimo major chords. Exciting idea! However, most prints (including video releases) drop exciting music altogether, introduce entirely different variant of main theme in subdued fashion, giving totally different feel to Coogan's entrance. Intrada CD proudly presents ALL music Schifrin scored for both versions of movie, including several other unused sequences, delicious source cues plus 1968 radio spots specially composed by Schifrin. Every note of music recorded by composer appears in crisp, dynamic stereo from original 1/2" three-channel stereo session elements vaulted at Universal in beautiful condition. One of Schifrin's most exciting early efforts available at last! Lalo Schifrin conducts.

The Album
01. Arizona Desert (1:12)
02. Coogan's Wild Ride (1:15)
03. Capture The Chief (0:49)
04. Main Title Part A (0:48)
05. Main Title Part B (2:40)
06. The Big Apple (1:22)
07. Small Talk (1:07)
08. Song To Julie (2:13)
09. Five Minutes (1:37)
10. Getting Better (3:26)
11. Get Out (2:49)
12. Cartoon Background (0:33)
13. Wrong Number (1:56)
14. Beat Up (1:31)
15. Green Worms (2:27)
16. Tell Me About Arizona (3:53)
17. "Pigeon-Toed Orange Peel" (4:30)
18. "Everybody" (2:52)
19. "Coogan Raga" and Pushie's Pool (4:34)
20. Looking For Jimbo (1:00)
21. Where's Ringerman (2:42)
22. Ringerman's Chase (2:41)
23. Ringerman's Chase (continued) (1:31)
24. End Title & End Cast (0:50)

The Extras
25. Main Title Part A (Version 1) (Unused) (0:47)
26. Main Title Part B (Version 2) (Unused) (0:49)
27. Song For Julie (Humming) (1:15)
28. Pushie's Pool (Unedited) (0:59)
29. Pool Room Source (Unused) (0:41)
30. Radio Spot I (0:40)
31. Radio Spot II (0:35)
32. Radio Spot III (0:10)

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