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Musique de Jerry Fielding

Intrada – Édition limitée

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ÉTAT CD : Très bon  

ÉTAT LIVRET : Très bon

World premiere release of complete Jerry Fielding original soundtrack from Michael Winner pursuit & revenge western with Charles Bronson, Jack Palance. Fielding responds to savage tale with intense strings, blazing brass, harrowing percussion. Blistering landscape of story inspires plethora of subtle percussion figures, demanding woodwind solos while fierce violence incites vicious brass motifs, dollops of thundering snare, bass drum. Fielding divides time between imposing flamenco-ish main melody & ever-winding secondary menace melody. Two themes jockey for supremacy throughout score like movie's on-screen adversaries. In stroke of brilliance, Fielding declares landscape the final winner, closes not with either melody but with ferocious display of percussion instead. Impressive highlight: "Titles" bookends with florid trumpet statement of main theme, spotlights twisting woodwind variants in between. Another rousing highlight: Building rhythm of "Indian Rodeo" becomes wild display for virtuoso French horn, trombone & trumpet. Entire score presented for first time from MGM master elements in stereo. Dynamic recording made by Richard Lewzey at CTS Studios in London. Colorful graphics, notes from Winner/Fielding authority Nick Redman complete package. Jerry Fielding conducts. Special Collection release limited to 1500 copies.

01. Titles (4:38)
02. Peeping Tom in the Bushes (0:42)
03. Mind Your Ma; Whiskey and Hot Sun (1:26)
04. Coop Falls (1:22)
05. Pain in the Water Bags;
Burning Rancheros 1 & 2 (4:44)
06. Peeping Tom on the Ridge;
First Stampede (3:01)
07. Indian Convention (1:32)
08. The Snake Bite (1:18)
09. Chato Comes Home (1:50)
10. Indian Rodeo; Chato Bags Horse (2:18)
11. Junior Blows the Whistle (0:39)
12. Fire and Stampede; Joan of Arc at Stake (3:52)
13. Mr. & Mrs. Chato Split; Massas in the Cold Cold Ground (1:24)
14. Hot Pants (2:43)
15. Rainbow on the Range (0:55)
16. Ride Like Hell (0:48)
17. Big Stare Job; Here-There-Everywhere (2:16)
18. Attack in Gorge (1:51)
19. One Big Pain in the Neck (2:33)
20. Lansing Scalped (1:43)
21. Elias Gets the Snake; Malechie Gets Shot; Finis (5:02)