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Musique de Bruce Broughton

Intrada - Édition limitée

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ÉTAT LIVRET : Très bon

Exciting treat for Bruce Broughton & action score fans! World premiere release of powerhouse score by Broughton for Touchstone Pictures 1988 action movie, directed by Ferdinand Fairfax. Four elite Navy SEALS are captured in waters of North Korea, their teenage offspring launch into dangerous rescue operation, Broughton leads the way! Rousing score comes between composer's Silverado and Tombstone, offers quality on a par with both. Keynote here is thundering action! Cool architecture of film and score allows Broughton to continually build upon thematic elements for first half, then unleash non-stop wall of powerful excitement. Last four cues offer sensational "rescue" music with virtuoso playing by large orchestra, dynamically captured by Armin Steiner at 20th Century Fox Studios Scoring Stage over five days during February 1988. Many lengthy cues another big asset. When all is said and done, Broughton wraps score with one of the most rousing finishes of his career, bringing muscular Americana main theme to fore in resounding fashion. Though moments of respite do play a role, especially during suspenseful & atmospheric initial Korea sequences, Broughton probably offers more knockout action music for this score than any other of his works to date. Pure dynamite! Presented from pristine condition complete stereo session masters courtesy Walt Disney Music & Touchstone Pictures. Bruce Broughton conducts, delivers a bullseye!

01. Main Title (4:31)
02. Diving SEALS (1:02)
03. Underwater Rescue (3:41)
04. News (0:53)
05. J.J. (1:18)
06. Nightwork (2:28)
07. Preparations (3:18)
08. The Boat (2:53)
09. Move It! (0:42)
10. At The Border (0:55)
11. Boat Chase (5:57)
12. Into Korea More (3:55)
13. The Monitor (0:57)
14. Dejected (1:06)
15. To The Prison (7:03)
16. Spooling Around (0:53)
17. The Rescue Begins (6:26)
18. The Rescue (7:16)
19. The Plane! The Plane! (6:42)
20. The Landing And End Credits (5:03)
Total Score Time: 67:24

The Extras
21. J.J. (Alternate) (0:53)
22. Armed Forces Radio (1:39)
23. Almost Ready (Source) (2:23)

Total Extras Time: 4:59