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La-La Land - Édition limitée à 2000 exemplaires

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La-La Land Records presents two exciting original scores from acclaimed composer Richard Band (RE-ANIMATOR, FROM BEYOND, THE HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW) -- the tenth installment in the fan-favorite PUPPET MASTER franchise, PUPPET MASTER X: AXIS RISING, starring Kip Canyon and Jean Louise O’Sullivan and THE EVIL CLERGYMAN, starring Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton and David Gale, both directed by Charles Band. With PUPPETMASTER X: AXIS RISING, composer Band unleashes a rich arsenal of militaristic action, thrills and drama – a big musical backdrop for this saga of diminutive warriors. For THE EVIL CLERGYMAN, a Lovecraftian horror short starring the Combs/Crampton/Gale trio from RE-ANIMATOR (originally made for the lost Empire Pictures PULSEPOUNDERS anthology feature), Band examines the very nature of our darkest and most lustful impulses. When a VHS workprint of CLERGYMAN was discovered a few years ago, Band recorded an amazing score for the short film – a hauntingly beautiful and romantic piece of work that adds a soulful and disturbing dimension to the short’s ghastly proceedings. Produced by Richard Band and Matt Verboys, and mastered by James Nelson, this special release of 2000 units features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Daniel Schweiger (with new interview comments from the composer) and dynamic art design by David C. Fein. A must have for horror/fantasy fans from one of the genre’s most celebrated composers.


Puppet Master X: Axis Rising

    Prologue: Blade’s Eye to Chinatown (4:42)
    Puppet Master X: Axis Rising - Main Title (2:50)
    Puppets Sad at News of Tunneler (:48)
    The Colonel’s Office (5:31)
    Danny Leans in and “Sarge” Enters (2:28)
    Danny’s Story (2:32)
    Uschi Puts the Make-Up On (1:29)
    Puppets with Music Box (:30)
    The Puppets Ready for Re-con (4:25)
    Nazi Flag/Discovering Bombshell (2:50)
    Back in Chinatown / The Fight and Shoot-out (2:25)
    Leech Woman Trying to Get Danny (2:32)
    General Parker’s Car/Blitzkrieg (1:13)
    Danny’s Plea at Medal Ceremony (2:46)
    Kamikaze in the Alley (2:22)
    They Find Tunneler/Shoot Guard (5:51)
    Finale (1:51)
    Puppet Master X: Axis Rising - End Title (3:29)
    Running Time: 50:47

The Evil Clergyman

    The Evil Clergyman - Main Title (1:55)
    Susan Climbs the Stairs/
    Enters the Big Room (:34)
    “I did, but didn’t have to” (1:27)
    They Walk Into the Room (:28)
    Looking Out Window, Susan Remembers (:48)
    Jonathan Appears (1:05)
    He Re-appears/Don’t Be Afraid (7:02)
    Susan Sees Jonathan on Bed (3:07)
    Rat Attack/Bishop Thru Hanging (4:26)
    Jonathan After the Hanging (2:46)
    “You look different”/Susan Leaves (2:58)
    Running Time: 26:59
    Album Total Running Time: 77:46

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