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Two sensational '60's Mainstream albums, completely remastered from newly-discovered elements, together on one CD! Anthony Mann directs The Heroes Of Telemark with Kirk Douglas, Richard Harris, Michael Redgrave. Malcolm Arnold writes fanfare-like main theme in bright major key, identifies melody with Norwegian Commandos determined to prevent Nazis from gaining atomic bomb in October 1942. Their mission: destroy the Vermork Norsk Hydro plant in Telemark county of German-occupied Norway. Arnold fills exciting score with flourishes for ski runs, requisite military martial music, aggressive action sequences and soaring romantic material for "Anna". Yet no matter where Arnold goes, vibrant main theme and corresponding major chords stay close by. Dynamic finish is another asset to this vibrant, powerful score! Intrada premiere CD release mastered from recently located first-generation original 1965 album masters. Both mono, stereo versions of actual recording were pinched, aided little by excessive reverb. Stereo version, while genuine, offers minimal imaging. After auditioning both, Intrada chose stereo version, adding to Arnold's vastly under-represented catalog of film scores on CD. Stagecoach re-recording, oft-reissued, finally arrives on CD for first time from newly-discovered actual 1" recording session tapes made in January 1966 when Jerry Goldsmith re-recorded virtually all of his score for classic Mainstream album, save final bars of closing song "Stagecoach To Cheyenne" (sung in film by Wayne Newton, on album by The Bill Brown Singers). All previous releases (including actual OST versions) have been compromised in their mixes. Finally, hear all of Goldsmith's incredible detail as it was meant to be heard, from gentle marimba rolls behind solo guitar ("The First Born") to dazzling array of banjos, bass harmonica, percussion ("Escape Route"), from crisp muted trumpet with orchestra ("The Aftermath") and staccato xylophone figures ("A New Passenger And The Reward') to soft harmonica counter-melody above delicate guitar ("All Is Forgiven"). This is Stagecoach at last heard as never before! Spotlight goes to "Family History", one of legendary composer's most gentle, moving cues of all time. Interesting final detail: all previous reissues have odd edit that repeats half of "A New Passenger" for second time, then just stops. Having session master allows us to correct anomaly at last. Gordon Douglas directs Fox 1966 remake of classic 1939 John Ford/John Wayne western with large cast including Ann-Margret, Bing Crosby, Red Buttons, Van Heflin, many others. Flipper cover art designed by Joe Sikoryak offers beautiful reproductions of both original album covers. Informative notes on both productions by John Takis complete exciting package. Malcolm Arnold conducts his score, Alexander Courage conducts Stagecoach. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Main Title (2:56)
02. Stupid Fool (1:56)
03. Must Get To England (3:15)
04. German Army Band (1:05)
05. Love Theme ("Anna") (3:58)
06. Fall Astern (4:28)
07. Silent Night (1:54)
08. Listen (1:43)
09. Knute Skiing Away (2:50)
10. Ferry Leaving Harbor (4:22)
11. Destruction Of Plant (4:02)
12. Heroes Of Telemark And End Titles (2:44)
Total Time: 36:23

STAGECOACH (Jerry Goldsmith)
13. Main Title (2:30)
14. The First Born And Escape Route (2:51)
15. Stagecoach Theme (I Will Follow) (2:55)
16. The Aftermath (2:54)
17. A New Passenger And The Reward (3:36)
18. All Is Forgiven (2:44)
19. Family History (4:31)
20. Stagecaoch To Cheyenne (2:38)
21. No More Indians (1:02)
22. Get Out Of Town (Finale) (2:47)
Total Time: 29:06

Total CD Time: 65:32