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Musique de Stelvio Cipriani


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Digitmovies is pleased to release, for the first time on CD, the OST by Stelvio Cipriani for the drama “Edipeon”.

Stelvio Cipriani directed and composed a passionate lounge style OST, which reflected the beatnik environment of some historical figures of the time. Cipriani wrote a depressing main score in Baroque style interpreted by the magnificent voice of Edda Dell’Orso, who is absolutely key in this OST. Psychedelic and mysterious passages are alternated with enjoyable motifs like shake and bossa-nova.

To make this CD (51:20), we were able to access the mono master tapes from the original recording session and we included every note recorded at that time.

Director and Cast:
Directed in 1970 by Lorenzo Artale. Starring Christian Hay, Aïché Nanà, Magali Noël, Hélène Chanel, Tony D'Ambra, Luigi D'Atri, Lino Coletta, Roberto Lande, Marinella Marino, Mirella Pamphili, Alfredo Tatulli, Luca Sportelli, Massimo Serato, Lori Ser, Marcello Tamborra.

Gianni, a young engineer, is unable to have his own love life because of his unhealthy attraction to his mother. That all changes when he meets Lola in a brothel. He falls madly in love with her and wants to marry her, but she refuses so he tries to kill himself. Gianni’s brother, Paolo, who lives a carefree and irresponsible existence with other beatniks, tries to help Gianni get over his anguish by forcing Lola to marry him. After their wedding, Gianni finally seems to have found serenity after a long search. Soon after however, Lola starts directing her attention towards her brother-in-law, Paolo. When Paolo turns her down, she leaves her husband and goes back to the brothel. A desperate Gianni blames Paolo for Lola leaving him and arms himself to kill him. While attempting to disarm Gianni, their mother gets shot and dies. Gianni goes crazy and goes to the brothel where he kills Lola, then jumps out of a window and dies in order to avoid getting caught.

01. EDIPEON - seq.1 Titoli 2:43
02. EDIPEON - seq.2 1:31
03. EDIPEON - seq.3 3:12
04. EDIPEON - seq.4 1:28
05. EDIPEON - seq.5 1:39
06. EDIPEON - seq.6 1:29
07. EDIPEON - seq.7 2:37
08. EDIPEON - seq.8 1:48
09. EDIPEON - seq.9 1:15
10. EDIPEON - seq.10 1:24
11. EDiPEON - seq.11 1:48
12. EDIPEON - seq.12 2:05
13. EDIPEON - seq.13 2:12
14. EDIPEON - seq.14 2:29
15. EDIPEON - seq.15 2:17
16. EDIPEON - seq.16 1:31
17. EDIPEON - seq.17 2:30
18. EDIPEON - seq.18 1:49
19. EDIPEON - seq.19 2:23
20. EDIPEON - seq.20 1:49
21. EDIPEON - seq.21 2:37
22. EDIPEON - seq.22 1:24
23. EDIPEON - seq.23 1:04
24. EDIPEON - seq.24 1:42
25. EDIPEON - seq.25 1:58
26. EDIPEON - seq.26 Finale 1:32

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