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Musique de John Williams

La-La Land – Édition limitée à 3000 exemplaires

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ÉTAT CD : Très bon  

ÉTAT LIVRET : Très bon

First time entire score is presented in STEREO! Presenting the premiere stereo release of John Williams’ (JAWS, STAR WARS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, SCHINDLER’S LIST) classic score to the legendary 1972 Twentieth Century Fox adventure film THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, starring Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Shelly Winters and Red Buttons, produced by Irwin Allen and directed by Ronald Neame. Williams’ epic orchestral score expertly intertwines the film’s examination of heroism and tragedy. Produced by Nick Redman and Mike Matessino, mastered by Daniel Hersch, and remixed and sequenced by Mike Matessino, this superb-sounding special limited edition release features never-before-released Bonus Tracks, including the film versions of “The Morning After”, source cues and alternate versions of the main title. In-depth liner notes by Jeff Bond take you behind the scenes of the film and its music. This is a limited edition of 3000 Units.

For this release, the 2” 24-track tape containing the original 35mm 6-track mag was transferred into Pro Tools, and restored and mixed with the advantages of another decade’s advance in sound processing technology.

Main Title (2:12)
Rogo And Linda (1:34)
The Big Wave/The Aftermath (4:02)
Raising The Christmas Tree (1:28)
Nonnie And Red/Up The Tree (1:59)
Death’s Door/The Upturned Galley (2:01)
Through The Galley (1:13)
The Other Survivors (1:37)
Search For The Engine Room (2:51)
Barber Shoppe Scene (1:46)
Saving Robin (1:24)
The Death Of Belle (3:25)
Hold Your Breath (3:08)
The Red Wheel (1:25)
Rogo Takes Command (1:38)
End Title (The Rescue) (3:36)
Total Time: 35:18

Alternates and Source Music:
Main Title (alternate #1) (1:58)
New Year’s Party (version 1) (0:58)
To Love (3:12)
New Year’s Party (version 2) (2:11)
Main Title (alternate #2) (1:59)
“The Morning After” (version 1)* (2:10)
“Love Is A Many Splendored Thing”* (2:19)
“Give Me The Simple Life”/“A Certain Smile”* (1:49)
“The Morning After” (instrumental)* (2:09)
“Auld Lang Syne”* (1:34)
“The Morning After” (version 2)* (2:10)
End Title (alternate) (2:38)
Total Time: 25:13

Total Running Time: 60:39
* Not published by Warner-Tamerlane (BMI)