Musique de Alfred Newman & Bernard Herrmann

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La-La Land Records and 20th Century Fox proudly present the remastered 2-CD re-issue of Alfred Newman’s (THE ROBE, A CERTAIN SMILE, NEVADA SMITH) and Bernard Herrmann’s (NORTH BY NORTHWEST, VERTIGO, OBSESSION) original motion picture score to the 1954 ancient Egyptian epic, THE EGYPTIAN, starring Jean Simmons, Victor Mature and Gene Tierney, and directed by Michael Curtiz. Two of the greatest composers cinema has ever known collaborate on what is considered by many to be one of the finest motion picture film scores of the 1950’s. And now, thanks to restoration and revised mastering by Mike Matessino and mastering by Daniel Hersch, it sounds better than ever! Produced by Nick Redman, this 2-CD is limited to 1500 Units and showcases new, in-depth liner notes from writer Jeff Bond and powerful new art design by Jim Titus.

Prelude• 1:45
The Ruins• :53
The Red Sea and Childhood• 2:51
The Nile and the Temple• 1:14
Crocodile Inn/Thebes† 1:25
Her Name Was Merit† 1:13
Death of Pharaoh† :58
Chant for Dead Pharaoh† 1:48
The Chariot Ride/Pursuit• 1:50
Akhnaton (The One Deity)† 1:44
Put Them in Chains/The Throne Room† 2:01
The Throne Room Part 2† 1:58
Taia• 1:07
Nubian Drums† 1:55
Party’s End• 1:04
Nefer Nefer Nefer• 5:27
Kaptah’s Dilemma/The Garden† 3:58
The Offering• 2:18
The Harp Player• :48
The Bracelet and the Helmet• 1:27
The Rebuke• 3:25
The Deed• 2:09
The Harp and Couch• 1:18
The Perfection of Love• 1:18
Violence• 2:16
The House of the Dead• 1:27
The Burial• 1:26
Valley of the Kings (Sinuhe)† 5:37
Valley of the Kings Part 2† 1:46

DISC ONE: Total Time: 58:25

The Homecoming• 1:26
Hymn to Aton† 5:08
Nefer’s Return† 1:47
Nefer’s Farewell• 2:44
Sights, Sounds and Smells† :49
You’ve Been in My Prayers/Kaptah† 3:29
Live for Our Son† 1:47
Am I Mad?† 3:25
The Princess• :55
The True Pharaoh• 1:32
The Tomb• 2:37
The Proof/The Holy War• 1:35
Danse Macabre• 1:33
The Death of Merit† 4:22
The Death Potion• 2:22
Death of Akhnaton† 4:58
I Am Pharaoh/Horemheb’s Victorious Entrance† 1:41
The New Pharaoh† :49
Exile and Death† 1:41

The Nile and the Temple (alternate)• 1:34
The Garden (alternate)† 2:49
The Bracelet and the Helmet (alternate)• 1:28
Danse Macabre (alternate)• 1:54
The Death of Merit (alternate)† 4:54
Exile and Death (alternate)† 2:06
DISC TWO: Total Time: 59:25
† Composed by Alfred Newman
• Composed by Bernard Herrmann

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