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Musique de Robert Folk

Quartet Records - Édition limitée à 500 exemplaires

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MovieScore Media and Quartet Records present the premiere CD release of Robert Folk’s exciting, classic symphonic adventure score and T.J. Kuenster original songs for Don Bluth’s animated classic ROCK-A-DOODLE (1991).

The film is about Chanticleer, the rooster in charge of announcing the sunrise on a farm. However, one day the owls prevent him from rising and when the other animals realize that the sun is rising despite the rooster’s silence, the rooster leaves the farm in shame in search of new opportunities in Las Vegas. But Chanticleer’s departure has meant that the sun is no longer shining and the land is flooded, so the animals set out in search of their friend in the big city.

Robert Folk’s orchestral tour de force includes a memorable main theme, but also encompasses a fresh, dynamic score of wondrous melodic tunes, motifs, adventure, tension, mystery and action music, all colorfully performed by the Irish Film Orchestra under the baton of the composer. T.J. Kuenster provides a handful of original songs mainly performed by the cast of the film.

Although the songs were released on CD in 1992, Folk’s score has remained unreleased until today. This album was conceived, produced, edited, restored, mastered and cover art designed by Mikael Carlsson. Liner notes by Daniel Schweiger.

Main Title 2:16

Storm And Duke 1:59

The Flood 3:18

To The City 1:51

Edmond Meets Duke 2:09

I’m A Cat 2:04

The Kitty Waltz 1:27

The Voyage 2:38

City Reflections 1:51

Hunch The Bumble 2:41

Pinky’s Mood 2:02

Arena Chase 2:08

Copterjazz 1:30

Fish Bowl 2:54

Not A Fraidy Cat 2:32

Tiny Duke 1:05

The Copter Crash 1:29

Edmund To The Rescue 0:45

Chanti Crows 2:35

Let There Be Light 3:08

Sun Do Shine 2:08

We Hate The Sun 2:02

Come Back To You 2:22

The Bouncer’s Song 0:37

Treasure Huntin’ Fever 2:04

Tweedle-le-Dee 0:18

Sink Or Swim 1:39

Kiss ‘N’ Coo 2:47

Back To The Country 2:28

The Owl’s Picnic 0:46

Tyin’ Your Shoes 1:53

Rock-a-Doodle 2:07

Total Disc Time: 63:51

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