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Musique de Taro Iwashiro

Rambling Records - Import Japon


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A masterpiece or a controversial work?

A film adaptation of the best-selling novel of the same title by Ryo Asai, winner of the 34th Shibata Renzaburo Award, co-starring Goro Inagaki and Yui Aragaki. Directed by Yoshiyuki Kishi, whose "Wilderness" won numerous awards at major film festivals, and whose previous film "

Prior Convictions (Zenkamono)" movingly depicted a story of hope and rebirth. He painstakingly depicts the film up to the final scene, as if to accompany each of the characters. Takehiko Minato, who also worked with Kishi on "Wilderness," wrote the screenplay and successfully took on the challenge of translating the magnificent world of the original story into film.

The music is by Taro Iwashiro of "Red Cliff" series and "Memories of Murder" fame. The delicate music stirs the hearts of the viewers with its depiction of human connections, and the inextricable chasm between despair and hope.

01. Normality & Abnormality

02. Unseen Window

03. Frustrating Feeling

04. Water Marks

05. Water Rings

06. Here We Are

07. Circle to Circle

08. The Abyss of Loneliness

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