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Musique de Alan Silvestri

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In the urban jungle of Los Angeles, detective-lieutenant Mike Harrigan’s (Danny Glover) police force is at war with drug lords and gangs. But just as Harrigan admits he’s losing the fight, one by one, gang lords are killed by a mysterious, fierce adversary with almost supernatural powers—the Predator. Before long, the vicious creature begins to hunt the hunters—Harrigan’s men. Now, Harrigan doesn’t just want to bring the creature in—he wants to bring it down in director Stephen Hopkins’ action-packed sequel!

Alan Silvestri’s score for the original Predator is one of the all-time classic action scores and one of his own very best. It was an instant classic when the film was released in 1987, though a soundtrack album never followed until we released it in 2003. 1990’s Predator 2 gave Silvestri an even bigger palette. He not only lived up to his first score but went beyond. Predator 2 is a master class in percussion and brass. The score is truly epic and has, for many years, been one of our most requested scores to bring back and expand. We now give Alan Silvestri’s Predator 2 the full Varèse Sarabande CD Club treatment is this 2CD Deluxe Edition.

Disc One:
1. Welcome To The Jungle (2:52)
2. Chat (2:02)
3. Up On The Roof (3:27)
4. First Carnage (2:35)
5. Feds On The Case (:44)
6. Swinging Rude Boys (5:33)
7. Last Person / Danny Gets It (4:30)
8. Stay Out Of My Way (:31)
9. Mystery Dart (1:32)
10. Truly Dead (5:25)
11. Kid Commando (:34)
12. Rest In Pieces (1:36)
13. Subway Predator (5:22)
14. Tunnel Chase (5:17)
15. This Is History (7:11)

Disc Two:
1. Meat Locker (3:29)
2. Ugly Mother (3:40)
3. Birds (2:33)
4. The Doctor (3:44)
5. Elevator Shaft (1:45)
6. Dem Bones (4:29)
7. More Than One (2:34)
8. Came So Close / End Credits (9:08)

Bonus Tracks:
9. Hardcore Logo (1:26)
10. Danny Gets It (Extended Album Mix) (4:29)
11. Tunnel Chase (Extended Album Mix) (4:20)
12. This Is History (Extended Album Mix) (5:17)
13. Dem Bones (Album Mix) (6:40)
14. Wild Predator Voices (2:11)