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Musique de David Arnold

La-La Land - Édition limitée à 2500 exemplaires

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La-La Land Records and Paramount Pictures proudly present the world premiere official release of renowned composer David Arnold’s (SHERLOCK, CASINO ROYALE, INDEPENDENCE DAY, STARGATE) original motion picture score to the 2000 Paramount Pictures’ action/thriller SHAFT, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Vanessa Williams and Christian Bale, and directed by John Singleton. The classic 70’s icon, Shaft, returns, re-imagined for the new millennium and composer Arnold brings him back in high-style, with a knockout blast of a score that expertly interprets Isaac Hayes’ Oscar-winning original theme in thrilling fashion, all the while spinning off in its own original directions. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by Doug Schwartz from studio vault elements, this limited edition of 2500 units features bonus tracks (including a special SHAFT 2000 remix) and exclusive, in-depth liner notes from writer Tim Greiving with all-new interview comments from composer David Arnold. Groovy art direction is by Dan Goldwasser. Shut your mouth... and TURN IT UP!


1. Shaft in Club (2:52)
2. Boy’s Got Rhythm (1:37)
3. Shaft Punches Walter§ (2:45)
4. Dominican Chase (2:19)
5. Peoples Walk / Peoples in the Precinct (1:19)
6. Shaft Gets a Message§ (0:50)
7. Walter Runs (4:04)
8. Shafted* (1:14)
9. Shaft Quits§ (2:43)
10. Finding Diane’s Mother (2:12)
11. Diane’s Playground Escape (1:08)
12. Entre Nous (1:04
13. Tattoo the Grass (2:07)
14. Shafting Gears* / Shaft the Waiter (1:22)
15. Walter Gets Mugged** (2:35)
16. Let’s Play Games (2:37)
17. Peoples Gets Played / You Best Kill Me (5:04)
18. Peoples Vows Revenge (0:38)
19. Arriving at Rasaan’s / Peoples Stabs Walter (1:58)
20. Groves Phones Peoples (0:27)
21. Diane’s Confession (4:16)
22. Shootout (3:50)
23. Car Chase (3:15)
24. Peoples Gets It / Walter Gets It (3:30)

25. Shaft 2000§* (5:10)
26. Shaft in Club (film version) (4:56)
27. Boy’s Got Rhythm (film version) (1:37)
28. Dominican Chase (film version) (2:19)
29. You Best Kill Me (original ending) (3:09)


§ contains “Theme from SHAFT” by Isaac Hayes
*not used in film
**contains material not used in film

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