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Musique de Richard Einhorn

Howlin' Wolf Records - Édition limitée

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Plunging You Deep, Deeper, Deepest into SHOCK WAVES ...the Deep End of Horror!

Howlin' Wolf Records proudly presents an expanded and newly remastered edition of the long OOP soundtrack for SHOCK WAVES by Richard Einhorn. Back to "The Deep End of Horror" with Ken Wiederhorn's cult classic starring Peter Cushing, John Carradine, and Brooke Adams battling menacing Nazi zombies from the deep. Einhorn's evocative score with its sparse yet beguiling textures, perfectly captures the menacing despair of the undead. One of the early electronic scores, SHOCK WAVES represents innovative scoring at its leanest and meanest! Now expanded with newly discovered tracks and bonus features, remastered from the composer's personal 7.5 IPS master tapes.

SHOCK WAVES features a 16-page booklet showcasing new cover art by Austin Hinderliter (Creepy Carves) as well as the original classic cover art on the flip side of the booklet. With packaging designs by Howlin' Wolf Records' renowned art director Luis Miguel Rojas and liner notes by Benjamin Chee, Ian Zapczynski, and an anecdote shared by composer Richard Einhorn, this newly Expanded Edition of SHOCK WAVES is the most complete edition of the score available.

1. The Deep End of Horror (0:58)

2. An Unearthly Glow (0:13)

3. Rescue 1 (0:30)

4. Shock Waves (Opening Titles) (0:59)

5. Where It All Began (1:37)

6. Zombie Chase (1:05)

7. Arrival on the Island (0:27)

8. Nazis From the Deep (1:26)

9. Discovering the Captain (0:17)

10. Laying Ben to Rest (0:48)

11. Towards the Hotel / Dobbs Finds the Zombies (0:48)

12. Danger in the Water (0:33)

13. All I Can Remember (1:24)

14. Neither Weapons nor Shields (0:57)

15. Rescue 2 (0:27)

16. Dog Watch (1:11)

17. Hit by a Ghost Ship (1:05)

18. The Sea Spits up What It Can't Keep Down (1:13)

19. Life Underwater (0:48)

20. Always Lurking (0:38)

21. In the Deep Six* (1:08)

22. The Light (2:08)

23. Death Corps (2:47)

24. The Grave of a Ghost Ship (0:46)

25. Awaken From the Grave (0:42)

26. Shock Waves** (0:18)

27. Where It All Began** (1:35)

28. Towards the Hotel** (0:48)

29. Hit by a Ghost Ship** (1:07)

30. Death Corps** (2:50)

31. Film Music and Effects Suite* (19:33)

32. 1976 Death Corps Piano Demo 1* (3:12)

33. 1976 Death Corps Piano Demo 2* (1:49)

34. Radio Spot 1 (0:31)

35. Radio Spot 2 (0:32)

Running Time: 61:22

*Previously Unreleased


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