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Musique de Bert Shefter & Paul Sawtell 

Monstrous Movie Music

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It! The Terror From Beyond Space [MMM-1959] contains the complete score from the classic 1958 sci-fi/horror movie about a murderous alien beast from Mars killing off a spaceship full of astronauts. One of the inspirations for Ridley Scott’s Alien, this memorable B-movie features a frightening and inventive score by Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter (Kronos, Jack the Giant Killer, The Last Man on Earth). It! The Terror Cover

Their work is one of the most requested 1950s monster scores, highlighted by one of the most recognizable sci-fi sounds of the era: an electronically-processed electric violin used to augment shots of the rocket in outer space. With only a brief snippet of romantic music (the electric violin is the only string instrument in the score), this is almost non-stop atmospheric and scary music that makes for a consistently enjoyable listening experience. This CD includes music that never made it into the film, as well as bonus tracks and 16-page liner notes chock full of never-before-seen images and more information about the music than you ever thought possible!

This limited-edition release of 1,000 copies is the perfect way to terrify your friends and neighbors!

1. Main Title 1:05

2. Space Ship :14

3. The Capitol :16

4. The Check In 2:35

5. The Skull :26

6. Ann and the Colonel 2:26

7. The Monster 4:03

8. Searching the Ship 1:41

9. Kienholz Dead :51

10. Gino 2:53

11. The Grenades 3:19

12. The Gas Bombs 1:32

13. Close the Hatch 1:00

14. Prowling Around :54

15. Space Walk 1:37

16. Foiled Plot 1:24

17. Calder’s Plight :20

18. No Blood 1:35

19. Get the Blood 1:39

20. The Reactor 2:14

21. Space Suits On 1:16

22. Dead Monster :40

23. Space Ship (reprise) :09

24. End Title and Cast :31

Bonus Tracks

25. Bonus Electric Violin :31

26. Space Loop For 2 Electronic Instruments 1:03

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