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Musique de Alan Silvestri

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Premiere expanded CD release of dark thriller score by Alan Silvestri! MGM presents, Wolfgang Petersen directs from his own screenplay drawn from Richard Neely novel, Tom Berenger, Bob Hoskins, Greta Scacchi, Joanne Whalley Kilmer, Corbin Bernsen star, Alan Silvestri scores. After horrific car crash, amnesiac victim works to recreate his past, discovers he is caught in web of deceit, lies… and murder. Intense thriller builds in scale, ends in abandoned shipyard with buried vessel and the shocking truth behind the mystery. Alan Silvestri scores for large string orchestra, augmented with piano, percussion and synths. Interesting use of major seventh interval throughout, especially important in primary melody beginning on that interval on top of the harmony established underneath. Striking idea immediately generates degree of suspense. As score progresses, Silvestri winds his orchestral strings tighter and tighter. In segments such as “The Shipyard”, “Mystery Man Arrives”, “The Body Is Revealed”, Silvestri writes some of his most complex material of his distinguished career, using an array of numerous bowing techniques, pizzicatos, sliding string glissandi and cello slaps, with piano figures surrounded by synths to generate intensity that culminates in dramatic resolution to the tale. Score balances between winding romantic main theme with widely spaced intervals and aggressive thriller elements with edgy character ultimately getting the upper hand in “Klein’s Shot”. Entire lengthy score is presented direct from original stereo session mixes made by Dennis Sands, courtesy MGM, Sony Music Entertainment and the composer. Film features numerous memory “flashes” as mystery unfolds, with Silvestri scoring them in short bursts of intensity. Several other cues are necessarily brief ideas bridging dialog. All of these are also included in the “extras” portion off the CD. Two source cues, “Hacienda Source” and famed “The Night” performed by The Moody Blues bring generous 78-minute CD to a close. Informative booklet notes by John Takis, dramatic flipper-style package design by Kay Marshall complete this release. Alan Silvestri orchestrates, composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Shattered Opening Titles (5:34)

02. Operation Montage (Alternate) (2:35)

03. Photo Discovery (0:59)

04. Dan & Jenny On Beach (2:14)

05. Dan & Jenny Talk (Alternate) (4:36)

06. Driving Dan (3:10)

07. The Shipyard (3:44)

08. Judith Heaves (0:37)

09. Mystery Man Arrives (3:46)

10. The Chase (1:57)

11. It’s Judith (3:13)

12. Dan Wishes He Were Dead (2:21)

13. Ship Memory Flash (0:59)

14. Jenny’s Dead (1:05)

15. Klein Calls Cops (2:14)

16. The Body Is Revealed (5:13)

17. Dan’s Memory Returns #2 (1:55)

18. Klein’s Shot (2:25)

19. Finale Shattered – End Credits (5:27)

Score Time: 55:01

THE EXTRAS – Additional Music

20. Hamburger Face (0:34)

21. 1st Memory Flash (0:30)

22. 2nd Memory Flash (0:20)

23. Operation Montage (Original) (2:44)

24. Mirror Memory Flash (0:53)

25. Happy New Year (0:40)

26. Dan & Jenny Talk (Original) (1:05)

27. Telegram Message #1 (0:23)

28. Dan/Jenny In Lobby (0:27)

29. Finale Shattered – End Credits (Alternate) (5:04)

Extras Time: 13:06


30. Hacienda Source (Ashley J. Irwin) (2:50)

31. The Night (Justin Hayward, performed by The Moody Blues) (7:12)

Source Music Time: (10:05)

CD Total Time: 78:26

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