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Musique de Mark McKenzie

Intrada - Édition limitée

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Mark McKenzie’s sensitive and gentle score for new Universal seasonal film! Rafaella De Laurentiis produces, Phil Hawkins directs from Greg Taylor script, James Cromwell heads cast that also has Sarah-Jane Potts, Darcey Ewart, Joseph Millson. Composer Mark McKenzie scores newest entry in Prancer franchise, nabs an HMMA nomination for Best Score, alongside fellow composers Alan Silvestri, John Debney. Gloria and her widowed grandfather Bud happen upon a reindeer with mystical characteristics during Christmas holidays. Why the reindeer appears magical and how it helps heal family rifts becomes the heart of the film. McKenzie created an electronic palette using strings and woodwinds both in intimate and full textures, with solo recorder and the rare bass recorder adding haunting colors to the ensemble. The results are warm and subtle, but in balance there are spirited moments both playful and active as well as melodically rich and soaring. McKenzie uses his orchestrational skills to bring gentle transparency and full orchestra-like ambience to the score. Simply beautiful! Album produced by McKenzie is available both on CD by Intrada and digital download on BackLot. The inspirational movie streams beginning on November 29.

01. I Can’t Wait To See You (1:06)

02. Nothing Is Beautiful Without You (2:28)

03. Love Arrives As A Reindeer (2:24)

04. Nothing Is Impossible (1:47)

05. The Greatest Gift Is Friendship (5:34)

06. Your Smile Lights Up The Room (4:01)

07. Woo-hoo She Likes You! (1:59)

08. She Was As Kind As The Day Is Long (4:42)

09. We Were Magic Together (2:43)

10. I Will Always Believe In You (2:15)

11. This Feels Like Home (1:39)

12. My Tears And The Magic Of Your Light (1:49)

13. I Can Be Closed Off Sometimes (2:05)

14. Prancer Dances (1:00)

15. Healing Memories (1:32)

16. I Have To Thank You (2:10)

17. Silent Night Hug (2:24)

18. It’s Time To Celebrate (1:03)

19. Love As Though You’ve Never Been Hurt (2:27)

20. Prancer: A Christmas Tale Suite (6:13)

Total Time: 51:42

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