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Musique interprétée par Jamie Blanks

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BSX Records presents the original motion picture soundtrack to GIRL AT THE WINDOW, featuring music composed by Jamie Blanks for the new thriller written by Terence Hammond (LAST DANCE) and Nicolette Minster, directed by Mark Hatley (PATRICK: EVIL AWAKENS, ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: THE WILD, UNTOLD STORY OF CANNON FILMS), produced by Antony I. Ginnane (PATRICK THE SURVIVOR, THE LIGHTHORSEMEN), Phil Hunt, Compton Ross and Sabella Sugar, starring Radha Mitchell (PITCH BLACK, SILENT HILL, VISITORS), Ella Newton, Jackson Gallagher, Vince Colosimo, Sharon Johal and Nathan Hill.

GIRL AT THE WINDOW tells the story of a mother (Mitchell) and daughter (Newton) who deal with an ambiguous and uncertain threat that ultimately binds them closer together.

The music for GIRL AT THE WINDOW is composed by Jamie Blanks, who has the distinction of being a composer, a director and film editor. GIRL AT THE WINDOW is the third collaboration between Blanks and director Mark Hartley, which include Hartley’s previous documentary films MACHETE MAIDENS UNLEASHED and ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: THE WILD UNTOLD STORY OF CANNON FILMS. While the budget for GIRL AT THE WINDOW did not allow Blanks to record live players, his knowledge of modern music libraries allowed him to compose an exciting synthetic score that evokes the works of Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith and Pino Donaggio.

BSX Records presents the world premiere release of GIRL AT THE WINDOW, featuring music composed by Jamie Blanks, mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland and featuring liner notes written by the composer.


1. Main Title (1:56)

2. Comings And Goings (2:29)

3. Coleman Arrives (0:36)

4. Kisses And Bullets (5:27)

5. Amy And Barbara’s Theme (0:58)

6. The Clockwork Killer Is Back (3:19)

7. Butcherbird (1:36)

8. Crafty Chris (0:56)

9. The Tunnel (3:37)

10. Adventure Begins (0:18)

11. Investigating The Barn (1:37)

12. Dating A Killer (1:52)

13. Lain’s Missing Phone (1:47)

14. Nordhoff and Mallick (5:03)

15. Memories of Dad (2:49)

16. Stowaway (3:34)

17. He’s Got Body Parts (0:38)

18. Please Help Me (1:39)

19. Discovering Susan (3:17)

20. Apologies (1:26)

21. Fatal Shot (1:35)

22. The Truth About Dad (2:13)

23. Real And Imagined (3:43)

24. Reflection (1:08)

25. Nightmare Visions (1:19)

26. Locked In (2:49)

27. Hello... Abducted Girl (3:05)

28. Into The Tunnel (4:19)

29. Finale (5:40)

30. Back To The City (1:47)

31. End Titles (2:39)


Total Time: 76:26

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