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Quartet Records - Édition limitée à 300 exemplaires

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Quartet Records, in collaboration with MovieScore Media, presents SHORT CUTS 2020, a new collection of scores from short movies after the acclaimed releases of 2018 and 2019 volumes. These projects are represented on 15 track compilation album that include the animated film The Cloudmaker (Matthijs Kieboom), the multiple award-winning shorts Javelina Run (music by Steffen Schmidt), A Father’s Job (Robin Hoffmann), Sclera Absentia (Joe Kraemer), Camaleón (Christopher Slaski) and Altered Mind of 20-20 (scored AND directed by Elia Cmiral).

In 2020, the represented genres on Short Cuts include fantasy, animation, horror, sci-fi, comedy and documentary. An interesting trend is that at least a handful of these films got their start from crowdfunding sites, so it’s especially refreshing to see that some of that budget going to recording original scores with actual musicians. Although the tracks themselves have a different feel to them due to the diversity of both the represented genres and the composers involved, we hope this selection of the best short scores from 2020 proves that great film music is still alive and well – sometimes it’s just hiding in the smallest places!

The CD comes with a 8-page booklet, featuring exclusive liner notes by Gergely Hubai discussing each project in detail.

Jordan Seigel: Cosmic Fling (8:47)

Matthijs Kieboom: The Cloudmaker (4:06)

Christopher Slaski: Camaleón (5:26)

Nicolas Repetto: Bound (3:40)

Laura Rossi: Girl Tuesday (5:17)

Robin Hoffmann: A Father’s Job (2:44)

Fil Eisler: The Last Starship (6:34)

Joan Vilà: Solution for Sadness (4:27)

Joris Hermy: Le Petit Contrat (3:23)

Joe Kraemer: Sclera Absentia (6:03)

Kevin Smithers: The Beast (2:48)

Anthony Willis: Boat Boy (2:52)

Christian Heschl: Endless Beauty (3:19)

Elia Cmiral: Altered Mind of 20-20 (8:06)

Steffen Schmidt: Javelina Run (2:59)

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