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Musique de Ennio Morricone


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OCCHIO ALLA PENNA directed in 1981 by Michele Lupo, screenplay by Sergio Donati,

photography by Franco Di Giacomo, music by Ennio Morricone, an Alex Cinematografica

production, Titanus distribution. Cast: Bud Spencer, Souad Amidou, Joe

Bugner, Marilda Donà, Sara Franchetti, Renato Scarpa, Piero Trombetta.

At the time, Cinevox Record released a 33 rpm (MDF 33/145) containing 15 selections.

The first CD reissue was only released in Germany in 1990 (Alhambra A 8916),

but the sound of that edition left something to be desired as the 33 rpm master had

deteriorated. We have to wait until 2007 when the specialized Digitmovies printed

an expanded CD (CDDM071) using the 1981 Session master tapes considered lost

forever. The stereo elements were in perfect condition. For this brand new CD edition,

for the first time on the CInevox Record label, we were able to find a first generation

master piece assembled for the 33 rpm of the time by Ennio Morricone himself.

At the end of the album program alternate versions of the main themes are included.

For our brand new Cinevox Record CD edition we have discovered two totally unreleased

tracks to the delight of Ennio Morricone and Bud Spencer fans around the


The original album

01. Non fare l’indiano 3:18

02. Estrasi del miracolo 2:55

03. Alleluja del buon raccolto 3:17

04. L’ultima tromba 2:13

05: Sfida all’ultima forchetta 1:33

06. Grandino e piccolone 1:01

07. Dal sarto 1:15

08. Occhio alla penna 2:22

09. Pantomima del letto 1:41

10. Passaggio dal male al bene 1:19

11. Vaohanana manitù 0:34

12. Solo il piccolone 0:52

13. Prima dei pugni 2:20

14. Due simpatici zozzoni 1:44

15. Tanti pugni 3:13

Bonus tracks: 

16. Occhio alla penna (#2) 0:50

17. Passaggio dal male al bene (#2) 1:09

18. Due simpatici zozzoni (#2) 1:41

19. Prima dei pugni (#2) 1:35

20. Solo il piccolone (#2) 0:55

21. Vaohanana manitù (#2) 0:34

22. Tanti pugni (#2) 1:37

23. Passaggio dal male al bene (#3) 1:31

24. Prima dei pugni (#3) 3:14

25. Due simpatici zozzoni (#3) 1:18

26. L’ultima tromba (#2) 1:09

27. Occhio alla penna (#3) 1:44

28. Due simpatici zozzoni (#4) 1:13

29. Occhio alla penna (#4) 2:26

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