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Musique de Jerry Goldsmith

Intrada - Édition limitée

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Expanded release of Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack for flavorful Joe Dante movie! Set during the tense 1962 Cuban missile crisis when the United States and the Soviet Union became poised for nuclear war, the Universal Picture put young stars Simon Fenton, Omri Katz, Lisa Jakub alongside grownups John Goodman, Cathy Moriarty and the premiere of new horror movie from sensational producer Laurence Woolsey (Goodman). Key West, Florida is setting for combination comedy, schlock horror... and frighteningly real period picture unfolding during crucial turning point in sixties Cold War history. Director Dante melds terrific brew of entertainment both fun and serious, with Woolsey movie-within-a-movie premiere sharing time with gentle youth love story. Both play out while world - especially those inhabitants of Key West - cope with possible annilhilation and nuclear fallout. Dante turns to his favorite composer, Jerry Goldsmith, to find delicate balance between comic producer and his premiere, tender moments of young teens discovering love and WWIII. Not a simple feat but Goldsmith delivers with perfection. Album of highlights originally saw release in 1993. Intrada CD now features entire Goldsmith score from pristine stereo mixes made by veteran engineer Bruce Botnick, vaulted at Universal. Several previously unreleased cues now appear but spotlight goes to "Mobilization". Here, composer takes a moment for his signature musical military muscle, with crisp trombone fanfare-figures answered by equally crisp French horn, trumpet responses, steady percussion underneath. Also included are handful of alternate cues. Film itself places unrelated song between last score cue ("Previews") and End Credits, composed as two separate pieces. Original album beautifully joins both cues into one 8-minute suite. Intrada release features both separate and combined presentations. Colorful package design by Kay Marshall, informative notes by John Takis complete nice presentation. Alexander Courage orchestrates, Jerry Goldsmith composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Matinee – Main Title (0:26)

02. Coming Attractions (Main Title Pt. 2) (2:10)

03. Brother To Brother (2:31)

04. Practice (0:41)

05. Mobilization (1:22)

06. Shopping Cart (1:22)

07. Hold On (3:19)

08. Harvey And Real People (2:34)

09. The Scam (4:11)

10. Halfway Home (3:48)

11. Get A Job (1:14)

12. The Timetable (1:24)

13. The Nightmare (1:07)

14. Showtime (4:35)

15. Locked In (1:39)

16. The Wrong Business (3:41)

17. What Are You Doing? (0:27

18. The Big Knife (1:02)

19. Help (0:57)

20. This Is It (3:52)

21. Previews (3:49)

22. Next Attraction (End Credits) (4:13)

Total Score Time: 51:00


23. Rhumba Playoff (0:12)

24. Theme From A Summer Place (1:28)

25. Source (Reel 4) (1:24)

26. Twist (0:29)

27. The Nightmare (Alternate) (0:54)

28. Locked In (Alternate) (1:21)

29. Help (Alternate) (0:57)

30. Next Attraction (End Credits – Album Assembly) (7:58)

Total Extras Time: 14:51

Total CD Time: 65:59

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