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Musique de John Powell

Varèse Club - Édition limitée à 1500 exemplaires 

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The Bourne Identity (2002) revitalized the action genre in thrilling, consequential fashion. Matt Damon’s “Jason Bourne”—an alias for a man with no memory, but a ferocious set of fighting skills—upped the ante for gritty, imaginative, pulse-pounding action as well as emotional depth and sophistication, leading to a hugely successful franchise.

The Bourne Identity was directed by Doug Liman, whose background in indie film (Swingers, Go) made him the perfect filmmaker to reinvent the genre. For the score, Liman found a willing partner in John Powell, who had started his career working for Hans Zimmer. But Powell, too, wanted to try something different from his previous action films (Face/Off).

With Liman’s encouragement, Powell innovated an intimate, novel score from electronics, solo bassoon and strings that captured the film’s anxiety, grittiness and existential mystery—with a propulsive “motor” theme that became the franchise’s signature. Heavily improvised and shaped by digital technology, the music nonetheless captures the human heart of the film’s protagonist—and as always with Powell, is executed with great subtlety and taste.

For this new album of The Bourne Identity, Powell has personally assembled a new, expanded program which he calls a “Tumescent Edition”—showcasing the evolution of some of the film’s cues, as chronicled by Brian Satterwhite in new liner notes.

Limited edition of 1,500 copies.

The Bourne Identity Main Titles 4:23

The Bourne Identity Original Opening 4:25

Bourne At Sea 1:25

Bourne On Land 1:45

Bourne On Land (With Bassoon) 1:41

Bourne On Land (Alternate Version) 1:55

Cafeteria 1:21

At The Bank 4:10

Escape From Embassy / Parking Garage 5:09

Activation 2:16

Marie On Monitor 2:01

Marie Drives / Bourne Sleeps 2:14

Marie Drives / Bourne Sleeps (Alternate Version) 2:01

JMK Is Dead 1:48

Assassin Fight / Bourne Almost Leaves 4:30

Wombosi At Morgue 1:50

Love Scene 1:33

Love Scene (Alternate Version) 1:38

Hotel Regina 2:17

The Investigation 1:44

The Investigation (Alternate Version) 1:30

Wombosi Dead 2:30

Taxi / Pins 3:48

Conklin And Abbot Argue 1:00

Bourne Watches Kids Sleep 1:33

Bourne Watches Kids Sleep (Alternate Version) 1:54

Get In The Basement 2:58

Bourne Phones 3:08

Pont Neuf 3:46

Conklin Killed 1:34

Got Any ID? 1:32

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