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Musique composée par JERRY GOLDSMITH

Intrada - Édition limitée

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TTC Livraison sous 1 à 5 jours ouvrés (France) et 2 à 10 jours (Europe + reste du Monde) selon le transporteur
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Original score from Franklin J. Schaffner filming of Ernest Hemingway story, starring George C. Scott. Meticulous 1986 re-recording of introverted work displays Jerry Goldsmith at his most personal. Gentle "waves" from woodwinds establish sea atmosphere, elegiac solo French horn speaks for lonely Hudson character played by Scott. Two ideas meld in haunting musical portrait of solitary man at peace with the sea. In balance are exciting shark attack music ("Is Ten Too Old") and incredibly descriptive, complete "Marlin" fishing sequence. Latter is highlighted by vivid flourishes from woodwinds, fanfares in brass, swirling ideas in strings. The sea comes alive! For unique and moving close, Goldsmith returns to lonely Hudson theme on French horn, then fades with three gentle harp strokes. Sublime! Director Schaffner attended recording sessions with composer, shared production chores on our album. Interesting footnote: Goldsmith often regarded score as his own personal favorite. Same contents as previous Intrada release but now re-packaged as part of our acclaimed "Excalibur Collection" of digital re-recordings. Jerry Goldsmith conducts Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra.

01. The Island (3:07)
02. The Boys Arrive (3:50)
03. Pillow Fight (1:14)
04. Is Ten Too Old (2:49)
05. Night Attack (2:44)
06. Marlin (12:01)
07. The Boys Leave (2:53)
08. The Letter (3:22)
09. How Long Can You Stay (3:14)
10. I Can't Have Him (2:44)
11. The Refugees (4:21)
12. Eddie's Death (3:07)
13. It Is All True (5:06)