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Music Composed by Edward Shearmur

Intrada - Limited Collector's Edition

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Premiere release of complete score to sci-fi/thriller sequel! 1998 installment is second film in four-picture (to date) franchise from MGM. Returning from initial 1995 box-office hit is Michael Madsen, Natasha Henstridge, Marg Helgenberger. Also starring are Mykelti Williamson, George Dzundza, James Cromwell, Justin Lazard. Species design is by famed H.R. Giger. Peter Medak directs. When a senator’s astronaut son returns from a mission to Mars, he brings back with him an infectious alien organism. Sex happens, a body count rises. Enter a new, more docile Sil, designed to bring an end to the mounting carnage. In a Species movie, things always go awry. Edward Shearmur launches with the Mars mission sequence by use of a see-sawing violin motif hovering over his primary theme in French horn. The idea grows in prominence, major sonorities enter, snares pulse and Shearmur dramatically sets a powerful orchestral atmosphere. Agitated string figures continue through the Martian surface scenes, powerful crescendos appear and the infection rears. Shearmur generates considerable suspense followed by terror as the carnage arrives front and center. In balance, Shearmur creates his haunting piano-dominated idea for the emotional-tragic Sil, heard first in “I’m Human Too” and later as her character reappears. Still another voice of the score is ferocious, rhythmically-charged action music. Spotlight here goes to lengthy ever-growing “Supermarket Chase” sequence. Also worthy of special attention are climactic battle sequences with array of alien monsters in farmhouse attic set to aggressive, dynamic orchestral fury. Shearmur melds orchestral, electronic effects throughout, sometimes leading with his orchestra, sometimes with his array of crisp synths. Terror remains keynote. 30 minutes of highlights plus 3 unrelated songs appeared on a 1998 TVT label album. Intrada release more than doubles length of score, offers 71-minutes from digital DA-88 multi-track masters and two-track mixes made by Robert Fernandez. Edward Shearmur composes, conducts. Intrada Special Collection CD available while quantities and interest remain!

01. Landing (3:08)
02. On The Surface (4:05)
03. Slime Attack (4:23)
04. Blisters (1:16)
05. I’m Human Too (1:00)
06. Patrick’s Speech (1:03)
07. Debutantes (3:15)
08. Kids To The Barn (0:31)
09. Orinski Gets It (3:44)
10. Press Meets Eve (0:48)
11. Off To The Asylum (2:32)
12. Melissa Goes Down (3:39)
13. Gamble Countdown (1:29)
14. Patrick’s Suicide (2:37)
15. Restless Eve (0:23)
16. Burial / Kids (1:02)
17. I Want To Help (0:30)
18. Supermarket Chase (5:17)
19. Radar Love (1:19)
20. Patrick Breaks Away (2:32)
21. Eve & Gamble (2:28)
22. Patrick Kills Dad (3:04)
23. Eve Won’t Help (0:48)
24. Ceiling Lift (1:17)
25. Eve Breaks Out (3:33)
26. Eve & Patrick (2:46)
27. Confrontation (4:36)
28. Aftermath (1:25)
29. Gamble Away (1:17)
30. End Titles (4:54)

Time: 71:43

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