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Music Composed by Jerry Goldsmith

Quartet Records - Limited Edition 


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Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the landmark science fiction blockbuster TOTAL RECALL, Quartet Records and Studiocanal bring Academy Award-winner Jerry Goldsmith’s thrilling score back into print as a 2-CD reissue with newly designed packaging and new cover art by Kyle Lambert.

Directed by Paul Verhoeven (RoboCop, Basic Instinct) and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone, TOTAL RECALL helped change the future of cinematic imagery, while Goldsmith’s score marked a culmination of styles and techniques the composer had developed over four decades of composing for film and television.

TOTAL RECALL represents one of the iconic composer’s last masterpieces, recorded with the National Philharmonic Orchestra of London, under his own baton. With this reissue, fans of the film and of great music will once again get to experience the intrigue, the action, and the exotic world of TOTAL RECALL.

Disc One contains the film score as written—and with the actual film performances, while Disc Two features the original 1990 soundtrack album assembly, alternates, and source music. All of this material—nearly 2 ½ hours in total—was entirely remixed and remastered from the original digital multi-track tapes by Goldsmith’s longtime scoring mixer, Bruce Botnick.

Produced by Neil S. Bulk and Botnick, this release includes authoritative liner notes from film music writer Jeff Bond, featuring interviews with director Paul Verhoeven, music editor Ken Hall, composer Bruno Louchouarn, and Botnick—all presented in a lavishly designed 24-page full-color booklet.

With every beat, every cue, and everything you could want to know about the creation of this breakthrough score, it’s more than the definitive release… it’s the release of your dreams.

DISC ONE. The Film Score
1 The Dream (3:38)
2 First Meeting (1:11)
3 Secret Agent (0:54)
4 The Implant (2:44)
5 Where Am I? (1:07)
6 The Aftermath (0:33)
7 Old Times Sake (3:03)
8 Clever Girl (4:34)
9 The Johnny Cab (3:50)
10 Howdy Stranger / The Nose Job (3:54)
11 The Spaceport (0:50)
12 A New Face (1:30)
13 The Mountain (1:31)
14 Identification (1:02)
15 Lies (1:04)
16 Where Am I? (4:00)
17 Swallow It (3:06)
18 The Big Jump (4:35)
19 Without Air (1:17)
20 Remembering (1:48)
21 The Mutant (3:16)
22 The Massacre (2:37)
23 Friends? (1:39)
24 The Treatment (5:40)
25 The Reactor / The Hologram (5:39)
26 End of a Dream (5:49)
27 A New Life (2:25)
28 End Credits (3:49)

DISC TWO. Original 1990 Soundtrack Album
1 The Dream (3:34)
2 The Hologram (5:38)
3 The Big Jump (4:36)
4 The Mutant (3:18)
5 Clever Girl (4:34)
6 First Meeting (1:12)
7 The Treatment (5:33)
8 Where Am I? (3:58)
9 End of a Dream (5:49)
10 A New Life (2:26)

Alternate Takes
11 The Implant (alternate opening) (2:43)
12 Clever Girl (original performance) (4:28)

Source Cues on Mars
13 Divertimento in D* (0:53)
14 Rubble City** (3:19)
15 Mutant Dancing** (4:36)
16 Running Out of Air** (3:02)

Additional Source Cues
17 Rekall Commercial (0:52)
18 Environmental Source (1:09)
19 ESPN (1:13)
20 Saturn (0:31)
21 Mars (1:11)
22 Rekall (background) (0:47)
23 Botco (0:10)
24 North West (0:35)
25 Rekall Commercial (alternate) (0:51)

*Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
**Composed by Bruno Louchouarn