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Music composed by Michael Kamen

Intrada - Limited edition


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All newly-remastered and expanded 4-CD set with nearly a half hour of previously unreleased score! Spectacular action-adventure from Morgan Creek Productions and Warner Bros brings legendary figures to life: Robin of Locksley, Maid Marian, Little John, the sheriff of Nottingham, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlett, Sir Guy of Gisborne, King Richard “The Lionheart”… all vividly drawn by top actors Kevin Costner, Alan Rickman, Morgan Freeman, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Michael Wincott, Christian Slater, Sean Connery, others. Kevin Reynolds directs. Film opens with Robin a prisoner in Jerusalem, escaping back to England with Moorish friend Azeem, only to find his father slain, his home in ruins. Thus set in motion is the iconic and oft-told battle between Robin and his “Merry Men” and the evil sheriff. Michael Kamen launches with now-familiar cello rhythms, leading into French horn fanfares and rousing trumpet-led main theme. Love theme for Robin and Marian is both tender and sweeping, depending on settings involved. But front and center throughout are incredibly exciting action sequences. Brass parts are extraordinarily challenging, and taxing, for players but listeners scoop the rewards! Originally a single CD from Morgan Creek with two songs and eight generous score selections, Intrada greatly expanded lavish score into 2-CDs in 2018, however, several key sequences were missing from master elements and could not be included… until now! With the generous help from the Kamen Estate, new elements were located which boast a wealth of previously unreleased music. Now for the first time, listeners can enjoy the lengthy “And His Merry Men”, which accompanies Robin’s escape to England, the slaying of Lord Locksley and the introduction of the sheriff. Also new is “Arrow”, which finds Robin in battle with Gisborne. A major addition are two new cues for the Celt Battle sequence, including intense action material and Robin’s heroic rescue of Fanny and her infant child from the burning treehouse. Highlighting the new music: the entire “Plans For Rescue” sequence which now features the powerful music underscoring the unexpected capture and pending execution of Will Scarlett, forcing Robin to make sudden dramatic changes to his plans for rescuing his beloved Maid Marian. Several more new cues appear, as well as additional alternates. Finally, included is a bonus fourth CD containing Kamen’s 50-minutes of creatively edited and assembled 1991 album tracks. Everything has been remastered from superior master elements, albeit the original releases have always offered superb, crisp and punchy audio as well, a testament to the recording talents of veteran Bobby Fernandez at Warner Bros. Presented as 4-CDs in “chubby” case, designed Kay Marshall, with notes by Frank DeWald. Michael Kamen conducts The Greater Los Angeles Orchestra. A must own! Intrada Special Collection 4-CD set available while quantities and interest remain!

CD 1
01. Main Title – Prince Of Thieves (2:46)
02. The Letter/Robin’s Hand/*And His Merry Men/
Home (11:21)
03. Robin Foils Gisborne/*Arrow (3:54)
04. The Boy In The Tree (0:31)
05. Gisborne Brings Bad News/Father (3:56)
06. I Will Not Rest (2:35)
07. Meet Marian (1:10)
08. Robin Gives Marian Ring/Escape To Sherwood (6:49)
09. Eyes Of The Forest/Little John (The River) (1:48)
10. The Band In The Forest (1:32)
11. Little John Fight Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (3:28)
12. Camp Oak (1:43)
13. Robin Sees The Bishop/Robin Talks To Bishop/
Robin Escapes (4:41)
14. Stitch (0:46)
15. Village Destructo (Alternate #2)/
Village Destroyed Pt. 2 (2:01)
16. Courage/Training Sequence Pt. 1 & Pt. 2/
Troops (5:08)
17. The Merry Men Continue Raids (1:06)
18. Sheriff Calls Off Christmas (0:52)
19. Merry Men Plot The Ambush/
The Merry Men Ambush Gisborne (4:53)
20. Humility/Buffoons Ambush Marian (3:46)
21. Marian At The Waterfall/Camp (5:31)
CD 1 Time: 70:59

CD 2
01. Medieval Dance – Source #2 (0:58)
02. Marian At The Waterfall/Camp – Reprise/Baby (3:59)
03. *Medieval Dance – Source #3 (Slow Version) (1:20)
04. The Plot Thickens (Maid Marian) (7:22)
05. Warning Arrow (1:13)
06. Celt Battle Pt. 1, Pt. 2 & *Pt. 2A (5:14)
07. *Celt Battle Pt. 3 (1:09)
08. Robin Hood’s Fall
(Village Destructo Alternate #1) (1:12)
09. Duncan’s Death (5:18)
10. *Generic Witch Ambience Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (2:37)
11. *Circle Of Stones/Plans For Rescue/
*Will Captured (10:26)
12. Mayhem In Town (0:47)
13. Rescue Marian/Robin Fights The Sheriff/
Finale Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 (14:16)
14. Finale Pt. 3 & Pt. 4 (2:29)
15. *End Credits (3:37)
CD 2 Time: 61:07
Total Score Time: 132:06

CD 3 Alternate Takes and Additional Music
01. Home (2:34)
02. *Gisborne Brings Bad News (1:34)
03. I Will Not Rest (Alternate Mix) (2:35)
04. Robin Gives Marian Ring (Alternate Mix) (2:56)
05. *Escape To Sherwood (Film Mix) (3:55)
06. The Band In The Forest (Alternate) (1:32)
07. Village Destructo (Alternate #3) (0:47)
08. Training Sequence (Take 3) (2:06)
09. Training Sequence (Take 4) (2:11)
10. Marian At The Waterfall/Camp (Take 8) (5:22)
11. Marian At The Waterfall/Camp –
Reprise (Alternate) (1:16)
12. *Medieval Dance – Source #3
(Fast Version) (1:00)
13. *Medieval Dance – Source #3
(Fast Version Alternate) (1:00)
14. *Medieval Dance – Source #3
(Slow Version Alternate) (1:21)
15. *Hangman’s Drums (3:20)
16. Mayhem In Town (Take 5) (0:47)
17. Join Robin [Alternate] (1:39)
18. *Finale Pt. 4A [Bridge To Song] (1:00)
19. *Morgan Creek Fanfare (0:16)
CD 3 Time: 38:04

CD 4 Original Album Assemblies
01. Overture And A Prisoner Of The Crusades
(From Chains To Freedom) (8:25)
02. Sir Guy Of Gisborne And
The Escape To Sherwood (7:23)
03. Little John And The Band In The Forest (4:49)
04. The Sheriff And His Witch (6:01)
05. Maid Marian (2:55)
06. Training – Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves (5:12)
07. Marian At The Waterfall (5:30)
08. The Abduction And The Final Battle
At The Gallows (9:54)
CD 4 Time: 50:36

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