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Music composed by Michael Kamen

La-La Land – Limited Edition of 5000 copies

3-CD set

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La-La Land Records, Twentieth Century Fox and FOX Music proudly commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the immortal 1988 action blockbuster DIE HARD with DIE HARD: 30TH ANNIVERSARY REMASTERED EDITION, a 3-CD remixed, remastered and expanded soundtrack re-issue of legendary composer Michael Kamen’s (LETHAL WEAPON 1-4, THE LAST BOY SCOUT, LICENCE TO KILL) original motion picture score to the landmark film starring Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman and Bonnie Bedelia, and directed by John McTiernan. Finally, Kamen’s action masterpiece is given the deluxe presentation worthy of its legacy – a 3-CD assembly sourced from recently rediscovered original digital multi-track tapes. Discs 1 and 2 feature the score as recorded by Kamen, along with a variety of alternate takes, source cues and more. Disc 3 features additional bonus material, consisting of film version mixes and even more alternates. Listeners will delight in the sonic improvements over previous releases, as well as the premiere of never-before-released music, including cues not used in the film! The DIE HARD experience is rounded out with source cues and bonus tracks such as Vaughn Monroe’s “Let It Snow”, Run DMC’s “Christmas in Hollis,” John Scott’s “We’ve Got Each Other,” an excerpt from James Horner’s “Resolution and Hyperspace, ” and more! Produced for 20th Century Fox by Nick Redman, produced for La-La Land Records by Neil S. Bulk and Mike Matessino, edited by Bulk, remixed by Matessino, and mastered by Daniel Hersch, this special release, produced in cooperation with the Michael Kamen Estate, features exclusive, updated liner notes by film historian Eric Lichtenfeld and track-by-track analysis by film music writer Jeff Bond – all of it wrapped up in knockout style with new art design by Jim Titus. This is a limited edition re-issue of 5000 units. Welcome to the party, pal!
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to The Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation.

Disc 1: The Film Score
1. Main Title :43
2. Seeing Holly 1:07
3. Terrorist Entrance 4:06
4. The Phone Goes Dead / Party Crashers 1:53
5. John’s Escape / You Want Money 6:01
6. The Nakatomi Plaza (Takagi’s Death) 1:45
7. Wiring The Roof 1:51
8. Approaching The Vault* :48
9. Fire Alarm 2:04
10. Tony Approaches 1:42
11. Tony And John Fight 1:13
12. Santa :57
13. He Won’t Be Joining Us 3:02
14. And If He Alters It 2:40
15. Going After John 4:32
16. Have A Few Laughs / Al Powell Approaches 3:32
17. Under The Table 1:59
18. Welcome To The Party 1:10
19. Yippee Ki-Yay** :45
20. Holly Meets Hans 1:20
21. Assault On The Tower 8:34
22. John Is Found Out 5:04
23. Attention Police 3:54
24. Bill Clay 4:09
25. Shoot The Glass** 2:20
26. I Had An Accident (Extended Version)** 2:56
Total Disc 1 Time: 70:08

Disc 2: The Film Score (Continued)
1. The Vault (Film Edit) 3:07
2. Message For Holly (Film Edit)** 3:13
3. Gun In Cheek (Extended Version)** 1:20
4. The Battle / Freeing The Hostages 6:53
5. The Fire Hose** 1:24
6. Helicopter Explosion And Showdown 4:02
7. Happy Trails, Hans* 1:42
8. Aftermath – Powell’s Comeback* 2:52
9. Let It Snow 1:44
Performed by Vaughn Monroe
10. Beethoven’s 9th (End Credit Excerpt) 3:53
Written by Ludwig van Beethoven
Total Score Time: 100:18

Additional Music
11. Main Title (Alternate)* :40
12. The Nakatomi Plaza (Takagi’s Death) (Alternate)* 1:47
13. Approaching The Vault (Alternates)* 2:33
14. Tony Approaches (Alternate)* 1:43
25. Yippee Ki-Yay (Extended Version) 2:48
16. Assault On The Tower (Alternate Excerpts)* 3:44
17. Attention Police (Pick Up Opening)* 2:04
18. The Vault (Alternate)* 2:52
19. The Vault (Alternate Performance) 2:11
20. Message For Holly (Original Version)** 2:52
21. Message For Holly (Revised Version)** 2:58
22. Happy Trails (Tracked Film Edit) 1:13
23. We’ve Got Each Other 1:56
From the movie Man On Fire
Composed by John Patrick Scott (PRS)
24. Resolution and Hyperspace (Excerpt) 2:47
From the movie Aliens
Composed by James Horner (ASCAP)
25. Wild Percussion* 2:16
26. Roy Rogers Meets Beethoven’s 9th (Source) 1:33
27. Winter Wonderland (Source) 1:26
Written by Felix Bernard and Dick Smith
28. Let It Snow (Source) 1:58
Performed by Michael Kamen; Written by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne
29. Christmas In Hollis 2:58
Performed by RUN-DMC
Total Additional Music: 42:19

Total Disc 2 Time: 72:38

Disc 3: The Vault: Bonus Music from Die Hard
1. Main Title (Film Edit) :36
2. Seeing Holly (Film Mix) 1:05
3. The Phone Goes Dead / Party Crashers (Extended Opening)** 2:22
4. The Nakatomi Plaza (Takagi’s Death) (Orchestra Only) 1:47
5. Wiring The Roof (Film Mix Excerpt) :58
6. Tony Approaches (Film Mix) 1:44
7. Going After John (Film Mix) 4:33
8. Al Powell Approaches (Film Mix) 2:32
9. Al Powell Approaches (Alternate)* 2:37
10. Under The Table (His Bag Is Missing) (Film Edit) 1:25
11. John Is Found Out (Film Mix) 5:54
12. Bill Clay Pt. 1 (Film Mix) 2:08
13. Bill Clay Pt. 2 (Extended)** 2:08
14. Shooting The Glass 1:08
15. Message For Holly (Original Version) (Orchestra Only)** 2:53
16. The Battle (Alternate Excerpt)** 1:19
17. Wild Take* 1:29
18. Roy Rogers Meets Beethoven’s Ninth (Alternate)* 1:36
19. Hip Hop Christmas (Source)* 1:44
Vocal by Michael Kamen
Total Disc 3 Time: 39:58

Total Three Disc Time: 182:44

* Previously Unreleased
** Contains Previously Unreleased Material