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Music Composed by Bruno Coulais

Music Box Records - Limited Edition of 300 units • Sold Out

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World Premiere Release.
37 minutes of music never-before-released.
8-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Sylvain Pfeffer.

In collaboration with Universal Publishing Production Music, Music Box Records presents the world premiere release of composer Bruno Coulais’s original score to the 1995 drama Adultère (mode d'emploi) (Adultery: A User's Guide), directed by Christine Pascal (Zanzibar and Le Petit Prince a dit).

Adultère (mode d'emploi) was the third collaboration between director-actress Christine Pascal and composer Bruno Coulais. The film is about the sentimental mishaps of a couple of promising young architects: Bruno (Vincent Cassel) and Fabienne (Karine Viard). As usual, Bruno Coulais gives a particular musical identity to the film. Dominated by the voice of the mezzo soprano Marie Kobayashi, the main theme, built on an ostinato, intrudes on Bruno and Fabienne’s life, hopping from one note to the next according to the rhythm of their sentimental or sexual adventures.

The score of Adultère (mode d’emploi) is typical of Bruno Coulais’s style, which gives a central place to singing voices. It brings to light all the art of this composer, who knows how to adapt to the topic of a film, yet always retains his freedom and the singularity of a very personal musical universe. The 8-page booklet features an essay by Sylvain Pfeffer discussing the film and the score. This is a limited edition of 300 units.

1. Canetella (2:34)
2. Le réveil de Simon (1:15)
3. Musique d'été (2:36)
4. Le visage (0:28)
5. Cicerenella (1:52)
6. La maîtresse blonde (1:10)
7. Écho (2:05)
8. La maîtresse brune (1:17)
9. Simon seul (2:01)
10. La fenêtre ouverte (1:57)
11. Bloody Vengeance (vocal) (1:57)
12. La route (1:07)
13. Petite harmonie (1:50)
14. Cicerenella (2e version) (1:47)
15. Découverte des cartons (1:23)
16. La question (0:15)
17. Lo guarracino (1:42)
18. Réveil en fanfare (2:37)
19. Bloody Vengeance (version instrumentale) (1:58)
20. Le dernier baiser (2:03)
21. Simon et Sarah (0:54)
22. Encore un petit tour (2:08)

Total Time • 37:46

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