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Music Composed and Conducted by Maurice Jarre

Music Box Records - Limited Edition of 1000 units

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World Premiere CD Release. Newly remastered and expanded edition.
8-page CD booklet with French and English liner notes by Sylvain Pfeffer.

In collaboration with Warner Chappell Music France, Music Box Records proudly presents the remastered and expanded edition of Maurice Jarre’s score to the 1964 war drama film Week-end à Zuydcoote (Weekend at Dunkirk), starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Catherine Spaak, and directed by Henri Verneuil (The Sicilian Clan, The Serpent).

After the success of Cent mille dollars au soleil (Greed in the Sun), Henri Verneuil adapted the 1949 Prix Goncourt winning novel Week-end at Zuydcoote by Robert Merle about the debacle of 1940. This big-budget blockbuster allowed Verneuil to try his hand at the war film genre and to work once again with French composer Maurice Jarre, three years after Le Président in 1961. In order to illustrate the absurdity of war, the composer wrote a richly and uniquely orchestrated score, based on an obsessive and oppressive waltz and dominated by pounding percussion, from which emerges from time to time the sound of a banjo or an out-of-tune piano.

This expanded edition has been fully remastered from the scoring session elements, featuring previously unreleased and unused tracks. The CD comes with an 8-page booklet with liner notes by Sylvain Pfeffer, discussing the film and the score. The release is limited to 1000 units.

1. Générique (02:57)
2. Face au lieutenant (01:07)
3. La môme (03:04)
4. Les dunes (01:58)
5. Ma Marseillaise (00:17)
6. Hôpital de fortune (01:27)
7. Dhéry et Alexandre (01:27)
8. Sergent Maillat (03:11)
9. Embarcation Office (01:48)
10. Dans la maison (01:22)
11. Capitaine Clark (01:31)
12. Troupes anglaises (01:54)
13. Hélène et John (00:34)
14. Embarquement (01:19)
15. A bord (02:50)
16. Dimanche matin (00:48)
17. Les rescapés (00:52)
18. Retour à la ville (03:55)
19. Maillat sauve Jeanne (01:45)
20. Jeanne et Maillat (01:26)
21. La promesse (00:26)
22. Maillat attend Jeanne (0:54)
23. Marche militaire (00:10)
24. Mort de maillat (01:16)
25. Dimanche soir (00:18)
26. Final (01:30)

CD Total Time • 41:08


Livre Discographie Maurice Jarre

The book "Discographie Vinyle Illustrée" contains the covers of Maurice Jarre's LPs discography from 1954 to 1991, with covers and pictures in color and black & white. The book includes two unreleased interviews of Jarre on his early years with Jean Vilar and the TNP (Théâtre National Populaire) and his appointment as composer for “Lawrence of Arabia”.
270 pages / 1650 pictures - Also available in English.

Click here to order the book or the pdf

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