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Music composed by Jerry Goldsmith

Intrada - Limited edition


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Jerry Goldsmith’s spectacular score gets an expanded 2-CD premiere! Wildly successful 1999 reboot of Universal Picture’s famed series of 30’s and 40’s horror entries all began with Boris Karloff in 1931. Stephen Sommers directs with Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Arnold Vosloo, Jonathan Hyde, Kevin J. O’Connor. Kevin Jarre executive produces, Sommers also writes screen story and script. Often getting front and center attention is mammoth 91-minute Jerry Goldsmith score, utilizing huge orchestra and chorus in the largest scale writing of his latter career. Numerous themes appear, dynamic action cues abound! Much to the joy of Goldsmith fans everywhere, celebrated composer made welcome return to his beloved rhythmic vernacular with emphasis on aggressive orchestral ostinatos dominated by real percussion, low brass and strings. Electronics, a staple of Goldsmith’s post-1980’s writing, play a more subordinate role in this score, typically used to just add subtle exotic color in suspense sequences. Powerhouse fortissimo action music, thundering ideas usually take the spotlight. While entire augmented brass section of Goldsmith’s London orchestra gets an incredible workout, the wall of French horns commands special attention! Score also brings about welcome return to the composer’s then-long dormant busy style of string writing, especially exhilarating during action sequences. Decca label released a solid 57-minute album at time of film’s release but interestingly composer and engineer Bruce Botnick dropped every cue from entire mid-section of film, comprising film reels 8, 9, 10 and portions of 11. New 2-CD expanded premiere on Intrada includes every one of those previously unreleased cues which include stunning action material for “The Flies”, the fierce “Sand Storm” music, the riveting final “Escape From The Tomb” and the dramatic “The Prep Room” sequence. Highlighting the generous array of new music are two versions of the 5-minute action cue “The Locusts”, a stand-out piece reminding fans of Goldsmith’s sizzling action voice in a look backwards that the composer rarely chose to do. Film version appears with busier ending while unused version has stream-lined ending but lengthier middle-section. Two different approaches to one great previously-unreleased cue! After full 91-minute score concludes on first portion of CD 2, nearly 10 minutes of additional alternates play, followed by Decca’s original 1999 album of highlights. Bruce Botnick personally remixed entire expanded score from the original Sony 3348 format 48-track digital scoring session masters, courtesy Universal Pictures and Universal Music Enterprises, a division of UMG. Audio sonics are magnificent with instrumental detail not previously audible. On a score this massive, it makes quite a difference. Jeff Bond provides compelling liner notes, Intrada art director Kay Marshall assembles colorful package with flipper-style booklet cover allowing listener to choose original Decca artwork of the sand storm sequence or alternate campaign featuring the principal cast. Goldsmith’s last truly major work given the royal treatment! Mike Ross-Trevor engineers scoring sessions, Bruce Botnick engineers film and album mixes, Jerry Goldsmith composes and conducts augmented 90-piece London orchestra plus Ambrosian Singers. It’s a big one! Intrada Special Collection 2-CD release available while quantities and interest remain!

CD 1
01. Imhotep (4:15)
02. The Sarcophagus (2:13)
03. The Tauregs Attack (2:20)
04. Closed Door* (1:22)
05. Undiscovered Creature* (1:00)
06. Off Balance* (0:45)
07. A Key In The Hand* (0:37)
08. The Hanging* (0:56)
09. Giza Port (Alternate)* (1:57)
10. Night Boarders (4:03)
11. The Caravan (2:41)
12. Camel Race (3:22)
13. The Prep Room* (2:39)
14. The Mummy Sarcophagus (2:23)
15. Mumia Attack** (2:21)
16. A Librarian* (1:03)
17. Discoveries (3:36)
18. The Plagues* (0:51)
19. The Locusts (Alternate)* (5:01)
20. Never Stop* (2:29)
21. Finish The Job* (1:54)
22. Regeneration* (0:29)
23. Alley Attack* (0:24)
24. The Flies* (0:51)
25. Sleeping Evy* (1:39)
26. My Favorite Plague (Alternate)* (3:59)
27. Crowd Control (3:09)
28. Airplane Ride* (0:51)
29. Sand Storm* (2:31)
30. Desert Burial* (1:07)
31. Rebirth** (8:41)
32. The Mummy Attack (6:15)

Total CD 1 Time: 78:31

CD 2
01. Escape From The Tomb* (1:52)
02. The Sand Volcano (2:18)
03. End Credits** (8:01)

CD 2 Soundtrack Time: 12:16)

Complete Soundtrack Time: 90:50

The Extras
04. The Locusts (Original)* (4:51)
05. My Favorite Plague (Original)** (3:59)

Extras Time: 9:52

Original 1999 Decca Soundtrack Album
06. Imhotep (4:15)
07. The Sarcophagus (2:13)
08. Taureg Attack (2:20)
09. Giza Port (1:57)
10. Night Boarders (4:03)
11. The Caravan (2:48)
12. Camel Race (3:22)
13. The Crypt (2:23)
14. Mumia Attack (2:15)
15. Discoveries (3:36)
16. My Favorite Plague (3:54)
17. Crowd Control (3:09)
18. Rebirth (8:28)
19. The Mummy (6:15)
20. The Sand Volcano (5:38)

Original Album Time: 57:46
Total CD Time: 79:06

*Not Previously Released
**Includes Material Not Previously Released

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