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Music Composed by Cyril Morin

Éditions Musicales François 1er

4-CD box set

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A New, Complete and Remastered Release
A 2-CD set was previously released in 2011 that only included the main themes from Season One. Now, the complete score for the  rst twelve episodes of Tom Fontana’s Borgia is released in a Collector Edition.
« Borgia Season One » the complete remastered music score covers 4h28 of original score, edited and mixed chronologically, and follows the continuity of the episodes.

The  nal track listing was culled from the 350 cues written for the series, most of them previously unreleased and compiled with choir set recordings.
This limited 4-CD Collector Edition comes in a beautiful case-bound box.

« Borgia Season One: The Complete Music Score » is made for soundtrack lovers and fans of the acclaimed Showtime series. It o ers a new type of musical experience focused on narrative music, expanding the notion of what a TV soundtrack can be.

Cyril Morin has scored over 100 soundtracks and won honors at many festivals.
In feature  lms he has maintained collaborations with directors Eran Riklis (The Syrian Bride, Zaytoun) and Pan Nalin (Samsara, Angry Indian Goddesses).
On the TV side, Morin has worked on political and historical  lms such as “Operation Turquoise” and “October 17th, 1961” (directed by Alain Tasma), which won the International Emmy Award for Best TV Movie of 2006. His music from the TV series “Ma osa” (directed by Louis Choquette with Hélène Filières) a thriller for Canal+ was critically acclaimed.
He composed the score for Season One of Borgia in 2011.

Cyril Morin: "I started working on the original score keeping in mind the idea Tom Fontana had first voiced that we progress across the middle and dark ages to the very beginning of the Renaissance, considered as a new age.
The music remains close to this idea. If you go through Season One you will notice that the first episodes starts on a very raw and very simple basis and we have step by step introduced more orchestration, richer strings and percussions.
We wanted to show the Fifteenth Century from our contemporary eyes. The music challenge was to be both modern and ancient and not to show specific and nice music but to express a deep, strong dark feeling.
Most of the score comes from the ground. It's not too melodical. The challenge was to use the orchestra mainly for raw sounds , mixed with Renaissance instruments, modern electronic sounds and real sounds just playing the melody in the background.
I never used the orchestra to develop or show a melody, but just to follow it. This is why you probably have this special feeling of a sound coming from the ground made of percussions, sound design and low strings.
As for characters it was important to me that music should help us showing empathy for them, be with them, follow them even if some were not so lovable ! Another interesting idea brought by Tom Fontana was the analogy to "The Godfather" by Francis Ford Coppola, in which music is nice and sweet while characters are often violent. Music creates a love feeling or the desire to follow them.
Peter Pejtsik as the conductor of the Budapest Symphony Orchestra closely and monthly worked with us despite the distance between Budapest, Paris, and Los Angeles."

Peter Pejtsik (Music conductor): "This music is not easy at all to perform because when you see a melody line, you would start playing very melodically but Cyril told us that this melody is only in the background and the main thing is the darkness. Then we started again playing it very dark and emotional, Cyril stopped us and said -this should be dark but not heavy -. So it was really intricate to find the right mood because the music was so complex and the orchestra is just one part of it."

Cyril Morin "This is quite a unique material in a TV series, especially a series taking place in the Fifteenth Century. This is why this soundtrack has no equivalent and remains truly original. Composing for Borgia Season One really was a true blessing and I still feel very lucky to have composed such a huge score for that show.”

Denis Furne "Creating the musical environment for tom Fontana's Borgia was a true challenge which did not only mean composing music but also listening, searching, sorting all kinds of music ideas with Tom and Cyril to fit the images and the spirit of the show. It was a humungous show to work on and about ten months have been necessary to find moods and set up and complete the composi- tions and recordings : testing voices – Italian, ancient and classical – string orchestras, mixing with on-set choir recordings, every- thing for this huge score that finally consisted in more than 350 cues and 1500 versions."
"We are very proud today to deliver this incredible 4 hour-and-a-half score in this COLLECTOR SOUNDTRACKS EDITION with quite an amount of previously unreleased and unpublished material. More than 100 tracks that should be listened to, re-discovered and enjoyed as an amazing musical trip to dive in for pleasure, as we hope."

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1.    Opening (Papal States)    1:26
2.    Card Game        2:55
3.    A Young Woman        1:40
4.    A Requiem Mass        1:12
5.    Sistine Chapel        2:38
6.    Vale Diva        2:11
7.    Streets of Rome        3:09
8.    Fabrizio Colonna    1:01
9.    Curia (Alternate Version) 3:24
10.    Cezare Becomes a Cardinal 1:50
11.    Cezare and Vanozza    2:07
12.    Prepare Your Weapons    2:16
13.    The Witch        1:37
14.    Djem's Arrival        1:14
15.    Giovanni de Medici    1:23
16.    Bordello        1:53
17.    Refusing Marriage    1:09
18.    Preparations        1:25
19.    Moving the Gold        1:31
20.    Death of the Witch    2:11
21.    Rodrigo's Sentence    2:23
22.    Ondata di calore    2:22
23.    A Sacred Vow        1:56
24.    Giulia Farnese        2:04
25.    The Ninth        1:39
26.    Like a Borgia        1:36
27.    A Pact with God        4:17
28.    Secrets            1:52
29.    Saint Petronilla    2:36
30.    The Letter        1:06
31.    Supreme Sacrifice    1:40
32.    Speak True        1:18
33.    Cezare's Child        1:14

1.    Black Smoke        2:55
2.    Wooden Boxes (Alternate Version) 1:21
3.    Newly Shorn        2:39
4.    Napolitan Troops    3:04
5.    Exorcism        2:28
6.    You Must Act        2:47
7.    Facing the Crowd    2:31
8.    Spying Games        3:23
9.    Taking Control        1:50
10.    The Bonds of Matrimony    4:53
11.    Burning Church        2:30
12.    Jupiter and Mars    1:34
13.    Leave to Rome        1:55
14.    The Wedding Night    1:41
15.    Dividing the Map    3:33
16.    The Holy League        2:02
17.    Rising Christ        3:07
18.    Scar            1:48
19.    We Are Equals        2:10
20.    Enemies            2:54
21.    Legitimacy        2:55
22.    The Throne Room        3:37
23.    Maneuvers        1:56
24.    Orvieto            3:03
25.    Siege            2:13
26.    General Juan Borgia    1:51
27.    D'Este            1:06

1.    Four Kingdoms        3:13
2.    Well in Hell        3:30
3.    Prelude to an Apocalypse 2:06
4.    Orsini            2:19
5.    Messenger        2:39
6.    Excommunication        3:27
7.    Blasphemies        2:50
8.    Cezare in Custody    3:22
9.    Die for Me        3:43
10.    Works of Mercy        3:22
11.    Ascension        3:09
12.    The Invasion of Rome    4:09
13.    D'Allegre        2:17
14.    Briconnet        1:58
15.    Condottiero        2:21
16.    Papal Garden        2:51
17.    Brothers        2:17
18.    Papal Legate        3:34
19.    Gloria (Alternate Version)    2:06
20.    Feltre and Belluno        2:39
21.    Djem's Death            1:25
22.    Miracles (Alternate Version)    1:51
23.    Monster's Mother        2:12
24.    Misfortune        1:32
25.    Juan and Lucrezia (Alternate Version)    2:08

1.    The Horsemen        2:23
2.    Ashamed            2:33
3.    Chosen            2:24
4.    Spanish Troops        4:43
5.    Stigmata        5:57
6.    Pedro Caldes        1:48
7.    Dust and Stones        2:09
8.    Juan Must Die        3:03
9.    The Attack of Marino    2:20
10.    In Gratitude        4:05
11.    Become My Lover        2:20
12.    God's Monster        3:14
13.    The Serpent Rises    1:51
14.    Incompetent        1:14
15.    Juan's Kiss        2:48
16.    The Last Drink        1:27
17.    Where Is My Son?    2:03
18.    Fisher of Men        5:19
19.    Abel and Cain        4:10
20.    Leave Without Delay    2:25
21.    Torments (Alternate Version)    3:43
22.    I Am Cezare Borgia        1:54
23.    Finale (Rodrigo's Affliction)    3:24
24.    Glorious Rome (Alternate Mix Edit) 1:04

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