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Music Composed by Dimitri Tiomkin

Prometheus Records


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The score from one of the most infamous Westerns of the “Golden Age of Hollywood” : nicknamed “Lust in the Dust” , starring GREGORY PECK, JENNIFER JONES, JOSEPH COTTEN, LIONEL BARRYMORE, LILIAN GISH and WALTER HUSTON.

David O. Selznick had originally intended this property as his artistic follow- up to Gone with the Wind (1939). He envisioned a lavish production with no expense spared, and ultimately he got his wish. Constant production delays, many caused by Selznick’s meddling and the hiring and firing of as many as seven directors (including Selznick himself), as well as an extended editing period to cut the film from its original 26-hour running time, caused the budget to balloon to a then-horrifying sum of $6 million, plus an additional $2 million in marketing costs. Despite being known as one of the “Greatest Bad Films of All Time” if adjusted for inflation in 2013, the film’s US box office gross of $20,408,163 would be $410,714,300...making it one of the most successful films of that era!!

•Premiere Recording The Complete 100-minute Score
•Plus an additional “DUEL IN THE SUN” Concert Suite
•Deluxe 2 CD Set with Full-Colour Booklet including stills and posters from the movie
•Gorgeous Cover Artwork by Jim Titus
•Newly Recorded in Stunning and Dynamic 24-Bit 96kHz Digital Sound
•Performed by the Acclaimed and Award-Winning City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Chorus Conducted by Nic Raine.
•Produced by Veteran Film Score Producer James Fitzpatrick of Tadlow Music for Prometheus Records
•New Score & Orchestration Reconstructed from by Tiomkin Expert Patrick Russ and his team
•Informative Sleeve Notes Frank K DeWald

CD 1
1. Prelude (9:37)
2. Overture (2:15)
3. Selznick Logo / Main Title / Legend (2:35)
4. El Balero (0:50)
5. Casino Dance (4:10)
6. Pearl’s Humiliation / Border Town Jail (5:26)
7. Stage Arrival / The Buggy Ride (2:44)
8. Arrival at Spanish Bit / Beautiful Dreamer / Laura Belle’s Room / Beautiful Dreamer / Minnehaha (5:21)
9. Smoke Rings (3:01)
10. Horse Tricks / The Runaway / The Ride Back (4:56)
11. Round Up (0:58)
12. The Sump (3:03)
13. Sid’s Message / Riding Cavalcade (1:32)
14. Cavalry to the Rescue (2:53)
15. Returning Cavalcade / Jess’ Discovery / Pearl’s Transition (4:10)

Tt: 53:38

CD 2
1. Sump Fever (2:15)
2. Cowboy’s Dream (1:35)
3. Frolicking Colts / Sam’s Proposal (4:07)
4. Jesse and Helen (1:28)
5. Sam’s Burial / Hilltop Rendezvous (2:51)
6. A Risky Visit / Sheriff Visits Laura Belle / Sheriff’s Close Shave (5:42)
7. Mrs. McCanles’ Death (3:29)
8. Laura Belle’s Letter / Grand Hotel /The Lonely Senator (7:12)
9. Helen Meets Pearl (2:36)
10. Trek to the Sun / Squaw’s Head Rock (2:34)
11. Duel and Transfiguration / Love Is Eternal / Finale (7:29)
12. Exit Music (3:20)
13. Duel in the Sun – Concert Suite (12:26)

Tt: 57:11

TT: 110: 49

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