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Music Composed by Laurent Eyquem

Music Box Records - Limited Collector's Edition • Sold Out

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World Premiere CD Release. 49 minutes of music.
CD booklet including Laurent Eyquem's statements.

Music Box Records presents the premiere CD release of the score for 2015 Rabid Dogs composed by Laurent Eyquem (Copperhead, Winnie Mandela, Tokarev, Momentum).

Based on Mario Bava's original 1974 classic thriller, Rabid Dogs comes from first-timer director Éric Hannezo starring Lambert Wilson, Guillaume Gouix, Virginie Ledoyen and Laurent Lucas. Rabid Dogs received critical acclaim as a minimalist noir masterpiece, favoured for its cinematography and inspired narrative.

A bank job goes wrong. Four armed robbers take refuge in a shopping centre - shots are fired, panic ensues. Surrounded, the criminals shoot a man and take a woman hostage. Cornered, they hijack a car. At the wheel - a father on his way to hospital with his sick child. Out of control, on the run, their escape turns into a merciless manhunt. For these rabid dogs, there is no turning back.

‘’The foundation of the score is electronic from start to finish, both in terms of the overall sound and the melodies. The electronic roots are omnipresent, maintaining a decidedly intense atmosphere’’ explains the composer. ‘’Strings are used sparingly and bring a kind of tenderness to the chaos’’. In his score, Laurent Eyquem also uses very brief quotations of the original musical theme from the Bava film composed by Stelvio Cipriani to connect films together.

This soundtrack is the one that accompanied the full-length version of the film as it was presented at Cannes Film Festival in May 2015. It includes original cues that didn't make it to the final version of Rabid Dogs shown in theaters.


1. Opening Credits (2:06)
2. Getting Ready (1:11)
3. The Bank Robbery (1:53)
4. The Fitting Room (0:58)
5. Trail of Blood (0:47)
6. First Hostages (1:45)
7. The Sacrifice (1:12)
8. Second Kidnapping (0:48)
9. Leaving the City (1:57)
10. The Escape (0:57)
11. The Accident (3:23)
12. Free to Go (2:57)
13. The Duel (3:15)
14. Don't Move (1:11)
15. Reality Check (1:18)
16. Leave Her Alone (2:20)
17. The Cop (0:57)
18. The Forest (3:58)
19. Escaping Through the Forest (2:29)
20. The Village Party (4:16)
21. Identified (1:16)
22. Running Away (1:15)
23. Grabbing the Gun (3:17)
24. No Mercy (1:50)
25. Rabid Dogs (0:55)

Total Time • 49:15

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